What would be a good first LV?

  1. Hi, everyone - I'm thinking of getting my first LV, and was wondering what people would recommend as a "starter" bag. I really love the damier canvas, both the original and the azur, but I'm not sure what style would be best. I like the Speedy, but I don't know how I feel about a bag I can't carry on my shoulder. I would probably opt for the smaller size if I did that.
  2. my first LV was a damier speedy 25...and it's still my fave! For a shoulder bag, what about the saleya mm?
  3. There are so many nice styles to choose from I would go to the botique have fun and decide!
  4. I'd say go for the Speedy, it's a classic and you just CAN'T go wrong, though it wasn't my first bag, Speedys are so pretty~. If you want a shoulder bag WITH the hand-held option, get a Trevi~!!! Have fun getting your first~!
  5. that's a great idea Serendipity, I would go to the store when you have time and play with the bags that you like that way you can make a decision and be happy with the bag.... the selections are endless. Good Luck, it's fun going to the boutiques....
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I will check them out!
  7. How about batignolles horizontal...it's a nice sized bag and not very expensive. Good first LV imo. If you prefer something smaller, maybe a cabas piano, or one of my faves - popincourt haut.
  8. My first LV was the batignolles horizontal... I Love it!!!
  9. If you want a shoulder bag you such get the batignolles horizontal. But if you want to carry your bag, get a speedy.
  10. ^^^^^^

    That's what I would do !!!
  11. In Damier or Azur, the Speedy and Saleya are my favorite bags. Definitely great starter bags.
  12. Speedy is a awesome affordable first LV! :biggrin:
  13. I love the speedy! The alma is a classic too, and it has the special hooks on the handles where you can attach a shoulder strap so you can use it both ways. I recently purchased the neverfull mm, and I love it! It's so roomy, affordable, and comfortable on the shoulder with the thin staps. It's also the new hot LV bag, but they haven't come out with the neverfull in damier yet. Just some ideas!
  14. I like the Saleya as a starter bag... it's not seen as much as the Speedy, and it's sooo cute!
  15. I would recommend the speedy (classic) or for a shoulder bag, the Saleya.
    In mono, the Batignolles is a great bag!