What Wedding Cake Did You Have - Post Your Pictures & Chat.

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  1. #1 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    Hi All :biggrin:

    This is my first thread on the purse forum and i would like to bring something that ive been unable to find.


    I would like to show you all my wedding cake, i have only been able to find threads on wedding dress's and wedding chat, but not wedding cakes.

    Please Join Me In This Thread By Posting The Pictures Of Your Wedding Cakes.

    My Wedding Cake Was Suit Cases, Chocolate & Victoria Sponge.

    My Wedding Cake - sadly i dont have a digital picture but i have been able to i hope show a good picture by photographing from my wedding album.

    My Mini People.

    Flowers From My Cake.

    Group Picture.

    This Picture Is DH & I To Show My Dress & His Suit.

    M Wedding Was 3rd August 2002, I Still Have The Mini People & Flowers In My Fridge.
  2. Cute!!!

    I will post mines later (not on my laptop atm)
  3. I love your cake because it has a lot of personality. Plus it's not your standard cookie cutter cake. It looks like you sat down with the baker and they really made something special that represents you and your husband.
  4. very cute and original!
  5. Spendaholic Your cake is so cute!! So original!! Here is my cake! Our theme was cherry blossoms.

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  6. Trolley-Dolly - thank you for joining the thread, the cake was cuter in real life. i look forward to seeing yous.

    lisarx8 - hi and welcome, when i was looking for cake designs it was my mum that said something different would be best, i really had no clue about wedding cakes or designs for them, i was only 3 months into getting my wedding plans up and running when my mum & i started looking.
    We found this little shop in the town by us (sadly nolonger there) and they had books and books of designs that they had done for birthdays/weddings etc. My wedding cake maker showed me this design of suitcases and i feel in love, we at that time were not living together but would be by the time of the wedding.
    My cake designer asked for pictures of me & dh for the mini people so they would look like us, which i love.
    My husband already had his suit so i made him suit up one saturday and i took about 30 pictures of him, i had a pciture of my dress from the dress designers catalogue, so thats really how we got the cake to look like us but also trying to represent what we should and did look like on the day.

    simplygm819 - thank you, we were hoping for super cute and original,

    i have to say that i love to watch the cake show (ace of cakes) we get on uk tv on the food network on skytv.
  7. HeartMyMJs - Your cake is perfection, i loving the flowers going all up the front and sides, we only had 150 people to feed with the cake, thats why we only had a two tier cake, but im really liking yours.
    We were hoping for super cute and different.
  8. Spendaholic Thanks!! I wanted something different also. We had about 350 guests at our wedding. We had another cake sheet in the back to pass out. I'm loving yours...it's sooo adorable!! I'm surprised it still looks good after all these years!
  9. HeartMyMJs - I still have the mini people, flowers and just married in a old ice cream box on the top shelf of the fridge, we just couldnt bring ourselfs to eat them on the day.
    The photo of the cake was taken by me via my wedding album, i dont have a digital picture sadly
  10. This is such a pretty cake!! I absolutely love the petals surrounding it as well!
  11. Thanks simplygm819!!!
  12. wow so pretty - can't wait to see more!
  13. bumping this fun thread :biggrin:
  14. Here is our cake. It was red velvet with whipped creamcheese icing, and it was DELICIOUS! The caketoppers were edible ghosts (a bride and groom) made from sugar and who knows what else... they were quite detailed, the bride's veil had a lace pattern and everything! Anyhow, it was perfect for our Halloween wedding.

  15. your cake toppers are really cute!

    My incredibly talented mother in law made ours.. it was lemon chiffon with lemon cream filling and carrot cake with cream cheese

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