What was your last buy on ebay?

  1. Brand new in box Prada heels for only 100 Euros.
  2. SCORE!!!

    I got a pair of contact lense tweezers... I broke my last pair :p
  3. tory burch reva flats! almost new for $100
  4. Cell phone cover
  5. I purchased a keyboard skin for my laptop. I admit it - I'm a klutz. I also have OCD - great way to keep my laptop clean!
  6. DVF new Jeannie two in African tulip
  7. LV Portobello PM :smile:
  8. This super-interesting find arrived in the mail today: a binder of textile samples from the Chanel pre-fall 2011-12 RTW collection. Useless? No comment! It's a very exciting addition to my collection of Wacky Fashion/Textile Stuff...

    Can of tomatoes for size reference.

    The cover page...

    A typical sample. All the fiber-content information is en français, naturellement.

    Another sample, with penny and dime for size comparison--the samples are very small, not remotely big enough for any kind of craft project.
  9. A circle e candle in the bird of paradise scent :smile:
  10. I think that's fantastic - would be wonderful to have one - I never knew such a thing existed!
  11. another videogame... the seller has yet to ship it, though.
  12. I try to buy all of my business supplies on eBay if possible. I figure if I am trying to get people to buy my products the least I can do is buy my things from other Ebayers.
  13. Moving on to the second season boxset now. ^_^ :shame:
  14. Hawiian seasoning/marinade from Hawaii :smile: Literally. I havent foun it here state side. Worth the hunt on eBay :smile:
  15. Just bought a lemon yellow Coach card case and some leather cleaner.