What was your first LP purchase???

  1. I am trying to decide which handbag to purchase first! Love the Dylan Tote and I love the Dylan Speedy!
  2. My black Dylan crossbody from LunaBoston, I still have it. It is my go to bag.
  3. Mine was a Dylan Zip Tote in Scotch several years ago. I still love it more than all others.
  4. My gateway drug was a dark olive Dylan zip wallet with gunmetal hardware. (Then I got a dark olive Dylan Medium Tote with gunmetal hardware. My third LP is a Dylan small speedy in Scotch. I'm planning to get a Jesse small speedy in cognac . . . soon.)
  5. Mine was also a dark olive Dylan Medium Tote with gunmetal hardware. I love that damn bag to death.

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  6. Mini Speedy in moss :love:
  7. Mine was fairly recent, as in the beginning of this year, and I bought 3 at once :angel: : the Frankie hobo, Alex Zipp Speedy in Zucca, and black Dylan shoulder bag.
  8. Black with gunmetal Dylan 24 hour......so many Lp's ago but still my favorite style of them all!!!:loveeyes:
  9. I discovered LP quite late..so my first one was LP rick should bag which has studs on the side
  10. Just bought a Mel tote from Amazon. Can't wait to see it in person.
  11. Mel tote arrived, love it. Similar to the coach gigi, but much nicer leather and handles. I'm a happy girl.
  12. I've been mulling the Mel cross body from Saks FashionFix. How's the leather?
  13. I just ordered 2 different bags, I have to choose from them and send one back. I ordered the Alex speedy zip in midnight, and the Alex hobo in midnight.I have a feeling it will be a very hard choice. I am a hobo bag lover, so we'll see. Anybody have either of these? I'd love to hear about them.:party:
  14. The speedy is awesome!
  15. Scotch Dylan Zip Tote. And what a sweet smelling gateway that was.