What was under the tree

Nice bracelet^^^!!! I also received my red/white astrologie enamel bracelet, a silver heart charm, agenda refill and pale blue cashmere shawl...dh wrapped but I did the buying lol!!! Have a great day everyone!
Thanks Kellybag for the big Christmas wish!

I look forward to hearing about all of the orange box openings :yes: I didn't have one this year, but maybe next year! :shame:

Love the bracelet Uma!!
Aw Megs maybe your b-day??!! KB no other presents yet or just not H?? You will love that perfume...CB I have that same design in a pochette! I will take a photo of my bracelet later...

No gift opening yet in my house....DD is STILL asleep at 9:00 am!!!! UGH!!! Fill ya in later............

Beautiful gifts everyone!