What was the last song you downloaded?

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. All 69 songs by The Magnetic Fields... I'd never heard of them before but my friend said they're a contemporary group that classical music lovers tend to like.

    They're very interesting, folksy with quirky lyrics. "Why didn't you call me back? It makes me drink beer... Have I annoyed you or is there a boy or is he just a whore?"

  2. odbye my lover by james blunt. so beautiful and so sad.
  3. Follow you into the dark - Death Cab for Cutie

    So good, so sad... Just perfect.
  4. Upside down by Jack Johnson, it's the theme from Curious George ...it's for my 4 yr old :huh: . Good lord...he's taken over my Ipod too :weird: !
  5. All falls down- Kanye West
  6. From iTunes... I'm going to list 2 because I highly recommend them... :amuse:

    Say Say Say [Waiting 4 U]- Hi Tack
    Love Generation- Bob Sinclair

    Oh oh!!! I also FINALLY found that one song from the LV S/S '06 show!!! Mr. Postman [Baltimore Club Mix]- DJ Rod Braxton :biggrin:
  7. Somersault by Zero 7. And then I listened to it over & over & over...:smile:
  8. ok the song by james blunt is called goodbye my lover, didn't see my typo there.
  9. Hi **JJ** !

    I didn't notice your typo but I did notice your Potter Puff! I'm a big fan! :smile:
  10. ahh, the magnetic fields and deathcab for cutie....you ladies are women after my own heart!

    last song i downloaded that i remember was "seven years" (acoustic version) by saosin.
  11. "The Mexican Hat Dance" for an activity that I did with a Grade 1 class (!)
  12. I don't download songs anymore, I'm too lazy to search for ones that will actually download. I have the bf do it and burn me a copy of the album :shame: I think the last one was The Loved Ones or Lawrence Arms, can't remember.
  13. I think the last song I downloaded was "Catch my Disease" by Ben Lee...oh, and it's a really nice song in spite of the title.
  14. I'm back in my Mariah Carey phase...
  15. love death cab for cutie........!!!one question:from which sites do you download your songs??do you pay for the download??
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