What wallet to coordinate with Azur?

  1. I have a few LV wallets and love them but none that would really coordinate with the Azur line. I was considering purchasing the Azur pochette wallet but am wondering if I should consider mixing from another collection. I would hate to spend the $ on an Azur wallet if I only used it with my Azur handbag, would seem a waste, right? Any suggestions on a wallet, I would prefer a long style since most of my current wallets are small or medium in size. I love the Brazza wallet, but it only comes in mono, damier ebene, and Epi black. Would love your suggestions! Thanks
  2. pochette wallet or zippy wallet in pomme
    eugenie wallet in ivory
  3. I have the azur zippy and will wear it with red epi speedy and azur speedy. I would recommend the azur pochette wallet over the zippy though.
  4. Seconding the suggestion for the pochette wallet in pomme vernis. Great wallet and the pomme and azur look fabulous together, very feminine ... it's a lovely clean fresh look.
  5. Something red or blue.
    the vernis pomme is just hot and would look amazing.
    IF you could find an indigo PTI that would look great as well.
  6. I have a pomme zippy and it looks great with azur. but really, your wallets don't have to match. I have a mix match of eveything in my bags!!
  7. My mother use her Azur pochette walet with her white Le Talentueux and it looks great and matches really well.
  8. I'd say the pomme vernis pochette wallet. Or something in red epi will go well, too.
  9. I totally mix and match... Epi can be mixed or matched with ANYTHING
  10. I wouldn't worry so much about matching wallet with bag. It's nice, but not mandatory. And no one but you will notice.

    That said, I do have an azur koala wallet that of course works in my azur saleya, but so does my pomme vernis koala.
  11. I use my Azur Zippy Organizer wallet with my light colored Suhali bags and other brands. The pattern actually cooridinates with much more than you would think
  12. Ooh, I also think you should get something in Pomme. It goes with a lot, especially the Damiers.
  13. I recently bought a Marc Jacobs luggage/tan buckle wallet to match my Mirage Speedy. He makes several colors (pistachio, lavender, ivory, luggage/tan, brown, black, and red). They come in quilted and smooth leather. They retail for $395 and $450 (quilted). The luggage/tan will probably match the vachetta once it has patined.
    MJ Wallet.JPG
  14. The pomme zippy wallet would work well with the Azur. Even the damier ebene zippy organizer would work, too. Good luck!!
  15. i have the ivory epi eugenie wallet to match with my azur speedy :heart: