what wallet is this??

  1. :heart::heart:Does anyone here know what wallet this is?? its so cute I see the model # 40850 I cant find it on eBay or anything is it still for sale??:heart::heart:

  2. ^^ very cute!
  3. how do you guys feel about this wallet going with the khaki/chocolate carly?? i think it would look so cute!
  4. Limited Edition Ergo Scarf Belted Slim Envelope Wallet...... I think Tanukiki has one???
  5. I think that it would look very cute with a khaki/chocolate Carly!
  6. Isn't that the pic with the khaki/chocolate carly? I think it looks cute with it! :yes:

  7. lol yeah oopss sorry haha that is.. i was just seeing if you all thought it looked off cuz of pink i think its soo cute
  8. I still kick myself, I should have bought one of these!!!
    It matches my hippie!!
  9. is there a matching wristlet to that cute wallet??
  10. I LOVE that hippie! :drool: Hey they had these wallets at the premium Vegas outlet last Saturday.. do you want their #?
  11. thats a cute bag what purse is it??
  12. Just called and the price is $151.99
  13. hey that picture gave me an idea for my bag that scar is soo cute i can put that on my new carly aww
  14. whats the outlet stores name and #?? maybe I will have to fly to vegas tonight hahaha fiance will say I am crazy lol