What wallet are you using with your Carly?

  1. So I just won a large Carly (Brass/Khaki/Saddle) on eBay and was wondering about a wallet to buy...

    ladies with this color combo or anyone who has input on which color/style wallet to get let me know!!!

    And post pics! Thanks!:smile:
  2. if I get a brown cotton carly, I'd use my Pomme Vernis Envelope plate with it.
  3. I have 2 wallets and neither match but I love them

    with my denim carly I am using my Pear french wallet. I love it and that is all that matters to me!! I also have a black leather checkbook wallet I switch too
  4. with my black leather carly, i use either my ergo slim wallet or my black MC french purse.

  5. I am not an everything's got to match kind of person when it comes to my accessories. I change bags too often to change out my wallet too. If you want a new wallet, just about anything will go with your new bag. Enjoy your new Carly.
  6. Thanks. I have a black SoHo wallet that I use with my otehr purses. Doesn't match my khaki one but does my black one. Ten I have a khaki/brown soho mini skinny. I guess I don't really need another wallet.

    I need to save for the Katelyns!