What type of BF/ SO / DH do you have?

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Is he a lover or a hater?

  1. The boy is a lover!

  2. The boy is apathetic

  3. The boy is a hater!

  4. I think the boy knows and I think he knows I know he knows, but we pretend we don't

  5. The boy is clueless!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So I forwarded my BF a funny link today from one of the other subforums and I get an email saying "enough with the purse forum!" (I think he's joking, but partially) I promptly fire back and told him enough with his dang watch forum! :Push: If he can have his watch porn, then I can have my purse porn. So I was curious, what is the status of your guy and tPF?
  2. He watches TV upstairs, and I 'watch computer' downstairs. He's content knowing we're in the same house. I'm very lucky. And so is he!!!
  3. I don't think my bf cares much about my bags but he puts in a good effort to know the basics about them! He can distinguish my matinee from my MAM and my balenciaga twiggy from the day. What a cutie =) I believe he even knows the colour names of some of the bags.

    As a fair tradeoff though, I have learned his gaming terminology.
  4. My BF knows im a bag-addict-girl.. He thinks its okay as long as he gets the most attention from me.
    I don't go much online when im with him..more often when im home.
    And if i talk about bags with him... he doesnt really care or is interested in bags, he just :yes:. As long as im happy..he is happy.
    He is such sweet guy..
  5. snuffles~ i love the way you are liking your interests to porn :roflmfao: too funny!~

    well my BF knows i love purses~ he does try to get me to buy less~ but a girl is a girl right? his into cars i'm into bags~ fair?

    i think its cute that he knows who RM is now
  6. I know he knows and he knows I know he knows, but we both choose to not discuss it. :P

    Once in a while he'll roll his eyes and go "are you on that purse forum again?". To which I'll retort "are you on your xbox live again?". Then he shuts up.
  7. DH likes that I've found something I enjoy (this site, specifically) and is happy that I've made some good friends as a result, but he wishes I spent less time behind the computer.
  8. :lol::lol::lol:
  9. Fun thread! My BF doesn't care about me being on the forum as long as i'm not on it when its our time together. We don't live together, so if i'm home, ok whatever I get on...but if we are hanging out then we don't disrespect each other by sitting online. He has an addiction of looking at cars, and me, the forum...

    Its funny- everytime i'm on lunch, i'll call him, and he'll be like where are you going to lunch, and i'll be like my forum! He just laughs but has never been annoyed by it!

    He even bought me a bag last month without me asking for it. I was showing him this bag I wanted online, and without a thought, he was like buy it honey, i'll pay for it. I love him! He's really a sweetheart. Couldn't live without him!

    He is concerned about me being online all day long at work, and then coming back home to my forum, and staying on till 5 or 6 in the mornings.

    More than him though, my coworkers think i'm really shallow. They think there couldn't be THAT much to talk about on purses, but one sits on a car forum, and the other sits on the LOST forum, so i just tell them to shut their potholes because atleast i have cute stuff to show off from my FORUM unlike them!
  10. My DH is a Leo through and through, though he won't admit it. He's always making little comments about how I don't pay attention to him anymore because I spend all my time on my "message boards". He says he's teasing when he says stuff like that, but I know better. ; )
    I think its hilarious because I do pay lots of attention to him still, but I don't think he can handle having something else that competes with my attention.

    He is also a conservative guy - spends little and tries to save. I love that about him because I'm the opposite. So, I know he doesn't appreciate my addiction to high end handbags, and while he doesn't care for it, I am lucky enough that he still lets me indulge.
  11. He actually has his own forums to visit -- so he's fine with it :smile: I do try not to spend as much time on the internet when we are both home though ;)
  12. MY DH is upstairs too, IndiaInk, and I'm down. Unlike all my friends I don't watch any of the tv shows (bachelor, etc....) I just shop online !!!
  13. My SO is extremely supportive, and he even thinks my bags are cute :P of course since he's a boy, he doesn't think any purse should cost as much as it does, but he just says "if you can afford it, whatever makes you happy!"
  14. Cute thread!

    Mine thinks I'm a total psycho. We'll be watching TV and I'll have my laptop going, pretending to work, and we'll be talking, and he'll stop suddenly and say, "Are you looking at purses?" And I'm all, "What? Purses? Huh?" And he's like, "Dude, you've got a problem."

    But he's totally indulgent. He pretends to be interested when I tell him about a great deal I got, or how I found an awesome hard-to-find bag. When we were in NYC a couple of weeks ago at Verve, I couldn't decide between two bags so I asked his opinion and he said, "Just get them both. Can we go now?" So I went home with both and he got to leave the purse store. We were both very happy ;)

    I took out my RM MAM in Night Blue tonight and he kept looking at it and saying, "That's totally purple." I was like, "It's called Night Blue, but yes, it has a purple tone to it." And he kept shaking his head (as if he's the last word in purse colors) and saying, "It's purple." For someone who claims to be disinterested in handbags, he certainly has strong opinions:rolleyes:
  15. Fun thread! My BF hangs out in toys forum while i hang out in my purse forum! He is totally into collecting toys so he understands my addiction to purses.. Every special occasion(birthday, valentines etc) he will get me a new purse and i him a new toy which is totally cool coz my pressie is many times more expensive then his! LOL! It great that both of us each has an addiction of our own! :P
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