What tv show are you watching at the moment?

  1. What tv show are you watching at the moment?

    i'm currently watching the golden girls
  2. Say yes to the dress
  3. true life
  4. i like that show even though i was married years ago.

    right now i'm watching TV but it's football and not a show.
  5. The Jacksons: An American Dream

    LOL. I watch it every time it's on, but never my own DVD.
  6. news
  7. LOL my roomie and I watch it every time it is on too! Right now I am watching a UFC fight.
  8. New Orleans VS Atlanta football game
  9. Top Chef finale Vegas
  10. Sunday Night Football...Eagles vs. Giants
  11. DH is still watching football
  12. Guilana and Bill
  13. 10:00 news
  14. say yes to the dress
  15. house hunters international
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