What to Wear with Ankle Booties??

  1. So I bought an awesome pair of black leather ankle boots to wear for the fall, but I was wondering...what should I be wearing with them?

    Suggestions please! :smile:
  2. I like them with a skirt and knit tights or skinny jeans/pants.
  3. Opaque tights with a mini-skirt, or dress.

    Or leggings/skinny jeans, with an oversized top. :biggrin:
  4. ^ I love the way they look with both of these styles!
  5. opaque tights and a dress/long tunic a la victoria beckham
  6. I have a pair of those too, does anyone has pictures of the styles that you mentioned??
    thanks :biggrin:
  7. A dress that hits right above the knee would be great. You can either leave your legs bare or you could do the opague tights when it's colder.