What to wear when you work at home?

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  1. Hey girls,
    I work at home and need something comfy but stylish to wear. I've been told that Juicy track suits are OUT and pajamas are completely out of the question. I don't want to wear anything that will give me the "just rolled out of bed" look. Jeans aren't comfortable enough to sit in for 10-12 hours a day. Heels are uncomfortable. I have leggings, which I wear with ballet flats, but I'd like to mix it up a little. Any advice or suggestions?
  2. whatever you would wear on the weekends?

    I can't work in pajamas- I do a lot of my schoolwork from home (im in grad school) and I just wear normal clothes, nothing businessy but jeans, skirts, casual dresses, everything, well, everything but pjs and work out wear which I personally feel is sloppy and I just don't feel comfortable in it when I'm not sleeping/working out.
  3. oops double post!
  4. agreed....have fun with it...
  5. Thanks for your quick posts! I usually wear jeans or more dressier clothes on the weekend. I got stuck in a rut a few years ago with track suits and sweats. Now I need a new look. I plan to buy a dozen or more pieces this week that look more stylish. I just don't know where to start.
  6. skinny jeans, leggings, tunics, dresses those are easy to throw on and look fab. depends on your body type...if you are thin, get some fitted tops (longer) and match w/ short jackets (i prefer leather jackets :P)...if you need to hide some tummy, those flowy tops are my personal favourites.
    also depends on what you had already...if you have a lot of dresses...then try skirts w/ different tops. or some dresses with the defination of waist and some without.
  7. I'm a stay-at-home mom and I also work from home doing payroll for our company. I have no problem wearing sweats (nice sweats). For me, it's not about the clothes, it's more about the hair & face. I always wear make up and I always do my hair. It doesn't take long - in 15 minutes I can look fresh-faced and ready to go. If I'm going out of the house, I would never wear sweats/track suits unless I'm going to work out. I wear mostly jeans. I dress up on the weekends for date night or other social events.
  8. i was just talking to laurayuki about this today - when working from home, i always like to get "dressed up" - i even put on heels! for me, i think it really has an impact on my mindset. being dressed for work helps me focus on work; also, i've discovered that my phone interactions improve noticeably. the way I converse when relaxing back on the couch in loungewear is totally different from the way I converse if I'm sitting (or better yet, standing) in heels and business attire.
  9. I must be one of the only ones that feels like I can live in pj's when at home. I love them! Don't get me wrong, there are days when I feel like I need to get "dressed" so that I don't feel like such a slob, but usually that just means jeans and a sweater.

    I also have days where I am in my gym clothes as my motivator to get my butt to the gym, and I found that that helps!
  10. I work from home and I'm a casual, non-fussy dresser. I function best when I'm comfortable, so I usually have on jeans, a soft sweater or tee, and socks. It's just my everyday house-wear. Except for my dog, no one sees me while I'm working so I just keep it simple and comfy. Now, if I have to run out to grab lunch, I might throw on a cute jacket and boots so as not too look and feel like a frumpy mom!
  11. Nope, same here! I work from home too and wear sweats when I'm in the house. If I'm leaving the house I will definitely get dressed up. I'm a dressy person in general, but I see no point to sitting around in my nice clothes if no one is going to see them!
  12. I wear whatever I slept in unless I have to go out for errands, in that case jeans and a shirt. Im not dressy if I don't have to be.
  13. I worked from home a few years back and had a rule: if I was going to be talking to clients on the phone then I needed to be wearing at least jeans/leggings type of clothing. For me it helped with the professional interaction. Otherwise I lived in anything Hard Tail. Hard Tail has a great selection of comfortable clothing.
  14. As someone mentioned above, whatever I would wear on the weekends to run errands would be my uniform when I use to work from home. I normally wore a tee and jeans,cargos or skirts. I rarely had anything on my feet but if I did it was either Uggs or slippers. I even put on lipgloss before a call. Heck I wear lipgloss for every occasion:lol:
  15. I'm a PJs kind of gal. As soon as I get back from classes, I change into my pj pants and just relax. It's a mental as well as physical separation that I use to get through the day.