What to wear to a political fundraiser???

  1. My SO works in politics and he gets invited to political fundraiser dinners all the time, but I haven't gone to one because I don't know how to dress. I know it sounds like a stupid reason, but I'm fairly young (19) and I don't know how to dress conservatively but still young and cute. Does anyone have any ideas on what to wear?
  2. I've gone to a few presidential campaigning events. I can only remember two events and outfits specifically. There was a casual one where I wore a sleeveless black turtleneck, wideleg gray wool pants and black pumps. To a slightly dressier one I wore a knee length black and white polka dot skirt, white button down skirt, black pumps, pearl necklace/earrings. I think I carried my black Prada bag both times...

    I dressed pretty conservatively, because it was mostly stuffy old people. There wasn't any young people to impress at the events I went to. For a fundraising dinner (depending on how formal), I would suggest a LBD with fun accessories.
  3. Usually I wear a suit but jazz it up with a fashionable blouse, shoes and accessories. It it's more of a cocktail hour, I would wear a cocktail dress. A good rule of thumb is to cover up your chest. Short skirts are OK as long as they hover somewhere around the knee and they are not tight. Just use your best judgment and you should be fine. You don't want to look too much older than your age. ;)
  4. This might sound weird, but it really depends on what region of the U.S. the fundraiser is in, and for which party the funds are being raised.

    I went to quite a few when I worked in politics ... it also depends on the time of day, etc. Lunch vs. dinner, etc.

    That said, in politics, you can NEVER go wrong with a black skirt/slacks suit as a base ... then you can wear a more classic button down, or a more fun/sexy camisole--and accessorize accordingly.
  5. For example, I went to a lunchtime fundraiser for a House seat at which former-Pres. Clinton spoke ... I wore a blue striped Ralph Lauren button down long sleeved oxford shirt and a tan suit with mid-heeled brown slingbacks.

    It was also September in the Midwest, if that helps.
  6. I've been to a few and have seen young people in sun dresses. But I would suggest dressing more conservative. A black pencil skirt and button down top would be nice. Make it pop with some funky jewelry and bag.
  7. thanks everyone! I think my safest bet is a LBD. These are formal dinners in New York, so I think I can't go wrong with black.
  8. oooh, well if it's NYC, you have more options. if you want, you could wear a knee length skirt with a brightly colored silk blouse, hair pulled back, elegant earrings. black, or LBD, is always a safe bet, but i love when i see unexpected bits of color!
  9. I would wear a gray fitted wool dress, maybe a sheath, but more along the lines of Roland Mouret.

    Maybe with classic pearls.

    Closed toe pumps.

    A frame purse.
  10. I would bring a blazer too, just in case. Sometimes these things are SO conservative. (haha, you didn't say which party....)
  11. I'mthinking grey tweedy shapeless, sleeveless shift, plus black jersey turtleneck and black tights...dress it up with a great patent leather black bag and you will be golden! That's as conservative as a 19 yr old should look, imo!!!