What to wear to a graduation... being the graduand!

  1. Okay so I`m graduating in less than 1 week from the University of California, San Diego receiving a B.S. in Biology :love:. Finally DONE!

    Now the question is, what should I wear under that ugly graduation gown? A sundress? A more formal dress? Help! :hrmm:

    Also, do most graduands carry a handbag that day or do they leave all their stuff in the car? I`m pretty sure they don`t carry it with them up on stage! Probably a silly question but enlighten me anyway since I can`t seem to remember what I did for my HS graduation :amuse::amuse:. Thanks ladies :heart::heart:.
  2. I think that a nice dress from J.Crew would look GREAT!! Ill try to post some pics later, but I remember some girls were wearing them at a graduation I recently attended, and it looked really pretty. Also, I dont think you should carry a handbag, it would be pretty inconvenient. Maybe you can leave your things with your parents?
    But I do recommend keeping your camera handy, these are moments you will want to cherish forever :biggrin:
    Congrats on graduating and I hope your graduation day is everything your dreaming of :yes: :flowers:
  3. i wore a suit back when i graduated.. then again, we went home after graduation n had dinner the night later.... i guess, if u plan to hang out with family and staff after graduation and will not have time to come back home n get dressed up, a nice dress would work...
  4. For my high school graduation, Im going to wear a really nice tea-length medium-brown dress. It's just nice and light and comfortable.

    As for the bag, I plan to leave mine with my parents:idea: .
  5. Some girls wore dresses, others wore a white collar top with black pants. For my graduation, I wore 5 inch heels, a black knee length lace skirt and matching top. Instead of the white collar, I wore a white pearl necklace. I wanted the heels to take centre stage as I waltzed my way across the stage!

    Couldn't bring my bag onstage at all, and you had to leave it in your seat while your name was called up to go on stage... so if you're not afraid that it'll get stolen while you line up backstage for your "walk" across the front and then make your way back to the seat... go ahead.

    Or you can ask your family to hold it for you during the ceremony and give it back to you afterwards for picture time! :smile:

    If you want to see how the grad gown looks like, so you can see that whatever you wear underneath can't be seen, take a look at my "pearls giveaway" thread in the jewelry section
  6. --My advice for graduation outfits---
    I was just at my cousin's graduation and just realized some stuff....

    (1) If your gown is black, and if there is any chance of rain do not wear anything light colored since it will stain your dress!!

    (2) Make sure your dress is not longer than your gown

    (3) Lots of people tell you to wear comfortable shoes, but don't wear flip flops.. if anyone takes a picture of your whole body it is not flattering (Professional photographers were everywhere during our grad...)

    Any knee length, flowy or tight..sundress, semi-casual all look good....Just don't wear a cocktail dress...a flowy sundress with some lace looked the best!

    (4) Bring a small purse for cell phone and sunglasses & essentials that you can dangle on your wrist

    (5) Jewelry is key! (Especially earing!! get something that dangles instead of studds)

    (5) Don't forget to take off the sunglasses when you're taking pictures! Looks a lot more beautiful~
  7. fabulous advice :yes: Much appreciated :love::love:
  8. ooh congrats!!! i had my ceremony a few months ago, and here were my observations:

    a small cute clutch would be great - you'll need some stuff on your person, like a mobile to catch up w your family later on (plus if you have a tiny digicam, it'd be fun to take pics pre-cerem, eg of yourself, friends, in seats, etc)

    don't wear pants if you can.. it makes girls look like Batman (with the big black cape)

    don't wear anything too OTT flashy or cleavage revealing!! it's a terrible thing to look like a bimbo at your grad cerem, or to have the Chancellor look at your boobs while he's handing you your cert (which he did at my cerem, to someone else - EVERYBODY noticed!! poor silly girl..)

    don't glam up hair and makeup as if it were a ball.. it looks out of place at the cerem, which is a sombreish acad cerem, tho still a special do. go for professional elegance.. besides, think of all the pics which will be around your whole life...

    Shoes are VITAL.. nice heels or strappies or boots, in a dark colour.. nothing flimsy or whimsical.. again, match the tone of the gown and the setting.

    (btw, mine was an evening cerem. if yours is daytime, adjust accordingly for the look and tone of things)

    a lovely bracelet and earrings would be great! my gown obscured any necklace, but bracelets are in key focus cos of the way you hold your cert! and there're alot of head shots, so great earrings would rock.

    have fun!!!
  9. wow very helpful advice thanks!:heart: and poor cleavage showing girl :shame:.

    I have a question about the gown/shoes. If my ceremony is in the daytime and my cap/gown are entirely black, would white heels be a no-no?
  10. Bring a bottle of water! Especially if it's during the day and hot out!
  11. Something nice and summery. I wore a white dress to mine. Just make sure you're comfortable.
  12. I don't think white will be weird
    I wore black gucci heels but I liked the loook of gold or silver strappy stilletos......

    Yeah necklaces don't show since you got the ribbons around your neck. Definitely earrings and bracelet.

    Just simple neat hair styles ( I didn't like the pony tails and caps... look) looked the best..

    During our graduation each chair had water bottles and graduation booklet underneath..

    Some people decorated their caps so family could ID them... Some ppl pasted dolls on their caps... some ppl held enamel balloons...
  13. aww first of all, congratulations on graduating!! :smile: i go to UCSD too! but i just finished my first year.. no where near graduating ;D

    i think a nice simple, light knee length dress with heels would be perfect. understated and pretty. :smile:
  14. That sounds perfect to me- a simple and cute dress. You will have the gown on most of the time and probably be sweating hardcore!!!!

    Congrats on graduating!!! :flowers: