what to wear to a beach wedding??

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  1. I am going to a wedding in mexico in a few weeks. My DH is a groomsman and they are just wearing linen pants and white shirts.

    I have recently had a baby, so I am not the size I would like to be and cant figure out what to wear. I just bought this little sundress because i love it...but its not dressy enough. And I cant imagine a way of dressing it up. So this may be a day drinking at the beach dress!

    I've looked online and have been to nordstrom, jcrew and gap. I really dont want to spend much more than $150. Any suggestions of places to look, or actual dresses to look at! I'm only like 5'2....HELP!HELP!HELP!

  2. Have you looked at anthropologie? They have lots of dresses that would be appropriate for a summer wedding and lots of different cuts and shapes. There are quite a few options in the right-around-$150 range, too.
  3. Ooh I really like the banana dress!

    Also I love your sundress! where did you get it?
  4. Oh I didn't see your budget of $150 before I looked but I guess this is a style that you can look for. By the way I love beach weddings, and I love mexico! it's so beautiful and the people there are soo nice.

    So this is a dress from BCBG


    I think it will be perfect for you because it cinches at the waist, the smallest part of your torso, and has a beautiful bow there! also I don't know if it applies to you but my friends who gave birth have a little more fullness around the chest if you know what I mean =), so hey, if you got em, flaunt em! and this dress does just that in a very classy way.

    Congratuations your baby btw =)
  5. a sundress
    i love something in yellow

    i do like your choice though
  6. ac05-that dress is awesome! i so should stop by BCBG tomorrow. My budget is what i was hoping to spend...since I have already spent $2k on clothes (and a beach bag) for this trip, and dont have the most important dress. I will probably go over, but I'm hoping not to by much...

    what do you think of this dress? silk appropriate for an evening beach wedding?
  7. Old thread, but I am bumping it because I'm going to a beach wedding in three weeks and can't find anything to wear!

    My budget is $150 or under. Really, the cheaper the better because this trip has cost a lot more than I originally thought it would be! I've been to JCrew and Nordstrom, haven't found anything I love yet.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! :smile:
  8. Not really sure what you're after, but my first stop would be Jack Wills for a summery smart dress. The Knighton one is gorgeous http://www.jackwills.com/en-gb/ladies/dresses/page/1

    Mango also have some really nice dresses at the minute
    This one is my favourite http://shop.mango.com/GB1/p/mango/clothing/dresses/flared-silk-dress/?id=63439568_7A&orig=catalog

    Zara have nice summery dresses too which are well under your budget.
  9. i think a maxi dress might look nice if you can pull it off (i am too short for that look).
  10. Yes, Id suggest a maxi dress too of some kind.
  11. The second post asking for advice was from last year.
  12. LOL I hope OP got her dress...4 years on!