What to wear in Vegas?

  1. I'm going to Vegas this next weekend. We are having dinner at Okada in the Wynn, N9N in the Palms, and Circo in the Bellagio. We are also going to Tao and Pure. What should I wear? We are also goin shopping during the day and just regular sight seeing. TIA:smile:
  2. Just make sure its something "springy" and light. The high was 93 today!
  3. Anyone else have any suggestions?
  4. You'll do a lot of walking so wear something comfortable for sightseeing. For nice dinners out, you'll see everything imaginable from rhinestone flashy to couture. Wear something that makes you feel fabulous.
  5. wear something comfy during the day like you are going to the beach. you can dress up at night like you are going to a club. thats what I do in Vegas anyway....
  6. I'll be there next weekend too! We are gonna shop and stay at the new MGM suites and catching a show. Usually during the day when shopping, I have on a skirt and simple tank w/ a scarf with flats cuz I am walking a lot. Or jeans if weather is chilly. In the evening, for the dinner and show, I'm wearing this black dress with dark boots, another scarf. Club/bar nights, I have on great jeans, 3 inch heels, and a comfy halter.
    I don't wear too many accessories, just my trademark necklaces and rings.
    Always, my Chanel classic flap will be w/ me the entire time. Teehee!

    Have a fabulous time in Vegas!
  7. Thanks! Hope you have a good time tool.
  8. Oh I'm so envious you're going to Vegas!
    Vegas is so fun.

    Ever since my second trip to vegas I pack lightly. Vegas is a shopping mecca and I'm sure if you are planning to shop you'll buy enough clothes to last your trip there.

    I pack a pair of comfortable flip/flops for walking/shopping, a short skirt, like a juicy, some t-shirts, and 2 nonblack, colorful-hot pink or orange, cocktail dress, summer dress that can be worn for dinner or for nightclubs..

    No matter what, and how HOT it is I ALWAYS pack a light cashmire cardigan, or a shawl because It's COLD INSIDE the restaurants, casinos.. DON'T FORGET!

    I think Vegas is pretty laid back when it comes to clothing. for clubbing you can get away with pretty much anything.

    OK I hope you don't think I'm cheesy, but when I go to Vegas night clubs I like to paint my nails/toe nails orange, or yellow and wear short dresses with wild prints, or some sparklies and it's the only time my DH will tolerate it and won't think I'm wacko...

    For dinner to the restaurants you've mentioned I wear a light flowy knee length dress with a shawl. I haven't been to Okada or N9N, but Circo is pretty casual...
  9. I'm going shortly as well and can't wait! Bringing a great fun dress, a few pr. of fun shoes....and plan on buying a few things too!! Can't wait! We were actually married there 20 yrs. ago and are going for our anniversary! Have fun!!
  10. One word VERSACE!!!
  11. exactly!!!
  12. I been to vegas many many times.
    During the day i usually wear a skirt with a tank or a summery dress. with flip flops or some cute sandles. we usually go during the months of June - August for vacations.

    Evenings in Vegas i wear jeans with a cute sexy top.
  13. Thanks so much. You all have some great ideas!
  14. right on, shoo! You'll see the full spectrum of dressing in Vegas, so get ready! :smile: . It does get cool at night (you're in a desert after all), and be prepared to do a LOT of walking or grab a cab. Even in your hotel/casino it is HUGE. I swear I had to add 15 minutes to my elevator/walking time to meet up with my friends in our lobby every night!!

    Have a great time!
  15. My family lives there, and I visit freq. It is spring and in vegas it can be WINDY, a little chilly at night. Bring some nice jeans, slacks or dress. Layers for the top. You may get away with a tank and a zip up hoodie with jeans during the day, and for night I would add a nice top with a nice jacket. Don't forget to bring good shoes for walking hours in. The nightclub scenes are glam. Don't go over the top, you want to be comfy. Go for sexy, casual-elegant. I would wear something in black with a little shimmer to it. Remember you want to sparkle so bring some bling accessories. Let your accessories be the focus. People that live in Vegas are typically fashionable, as they are close to L.A. Also, Vegans are not typically shocked at seeing famous people, because it is frequent. An attitude of vogue is certainly there.
    I love shopping in Vegas, the Strip is a nightmare to drive down at night and everything you could possibly want is there and open at all hours. Slot machines EVERYWHERE, be aware.