What to say when people assume you are carrying a fake!

  1. Just went to pick my son up at the childminders and another parent came in at the same time to pick up her son. I saw her looking at my bag a couple of times and as I was leaving she said to me gosh isn't it amazing how good the fake handbags are on ebay!

    I nearly choked - I was too shocked to answer back.

    Why do people assume coz you are carrying a high end bag that it has to be fake. The cheek of some people

    This happened to anyone else? whats the best answer to give?
  2. I would just look her in the eye and laugh, and say "It's not a fake." Say it with a big smile on your face like "Silly you!!" ;)

    edited to say: I often have strangers ask me where I got my bag (I think they assume there is some site selling these really super fakes). I always answer "From Louis Vuitton." DOH! :P
  3. oh my god, I think I might have punched her!!!

    What do you say to somebody as dumb as that! I probably would have thought of a million clever responses after, but like you, I probably would have been gobsmacked at the cheeky cow!!

    On the plus side, she clearly doesnt know you one little bit ;)

    fake bag? As if :biggrin:
  4. Yeah I just kinda left with my tail between my legs - so angry now that I didn't retaliate! Sooooooo going to go in there tomorrow with a different baby on my arm and be sooo ready with a killer answer!
  5. I like to reply with " Perhaps YOU like to carry fakes , but I have more self-respect than that"
  6. I like that response!

    But in all honesty, I would just ignore people. I'm not at all confrontational.
  7. OOOOOHHHH....I'm just waiting for the day for somebody to say that to me.

    I would probably laugh in their face & LOUDLY say (so everyone could here) "Well, obviously, sweetheart, you have no f***ing idea what you are talking about...."

    And, that's the nice version...
  8. Oh my...I would never say anything to anyone even if I DID think they had a fake bag. Besides the fact that I would hardly know a fake bag if it bit me in the butt, I'd be super embaressed for them if they WERE carrying a fake! I don't think it's something to be proud of that's for sure.

    It reminds me of that line from Seinfeld "They're real...and they're Spectacular!" ROFL :smile:
  9. Lots of great ideas here guys - cheers. Not confrontational either but just need to get my point over so that she doesn't think I'm prone to a fake! I'd rather die
  10. I would have to say.......as sweet and kindly as possible w/just a hint of a smile, "Oh, well, I don't know, this was purchased from (bla bla) NOT Ebay--I don't buy fakes!

    And than I'd kindly smile and say "See you tomorrow!" and like you mentioned bring another killer bag for her to just stew in!!!

    The nerve of some people. But I suppose with how HUGE ebay is and how many fake bag parties, etc. there are, most people just don't have the slightest CLUE!!!!!
  11. You should've said [regarding the fakes on ebay] "they're not as good as the real deal."
  12. I just laugh at times. Sometimes I'll give them my famous chilly, withering look and say "I don't do fakes." And walk off.
  13. :lol: You can say that you never saw a fake that good but maybe she can bring hers next time so you can compare it against your real one.
  14. Hee hee thanks for all your great suggestions - definately going to be trying them out.
  15. Good one! May I quote you? ;)