What to get the GF for 22nd BDay!!! HELP!!!

  1. So I'm planning a HUGE birthday surprise for my honey.

    I've already purchased a set of earrings and a ring from Tiffany & Co. to match her ring and my ring respectively, but am also considering buying her a LV handbag.

    I bought her a Fuschia Perfo Speedy 30 for XMas and told her to pick out something for her birthday from LV/Gucci.

    She picked out the Batignolles Horizontal and the Neverfull GM but I DONT KNOW WHICH ONE TO GET HER!!!

    I personally like the BH more, but it's not MY birthday.

    I've heard of the problems with the Neverfull, but still can't decide.


    Which would you prefer.

  2. That is so sweet!! They are both great bags but I am partial to the BH - I'm sure she will love either one!
  3. Both of these bags are adorable but my personal favorite is the BH.
  4. BH is more of a classic imo and it's been around longer so you know any "defects" it may have has been hammered out. And as you mentioned, the Neverfull has had some probs as you can see from this board.
  5. Aww you're so sweet!!
    I'd go for the BH, it's really one of the most useful bags out there.
  6. Bh
  7. BH :smile: she's one lucky girl.
  8. WOW!!!!

    A unanimous BH!

    Guess that makes my guess work a lot easier.

    I think Im going to drive her up to Northern Virginia and tell her we're just going to have dinner with her sister (they're twins) and make a little pit stop at the LV store.

    Should I call and make sure they have one just in case? Are these bags pretty plentiful? There are three LV stores within 30 minutes of eachother in NoVa (one LV store, then Saks and NM) should I call ahead and make sure they have one? I want it to be a TOTAL surprise, no shipping to the house or anything like that.
  9. Wow, BF like you is definitely a keeper, :smile:

    I personally like Neverfull because it is newer style then BH, and you could thight or loose the strap, but this is also not my birthday....

    Did your gf try both BH and Neverfull in the store? If she did, do you remember which one you think look nicer on her? Choose that one and trust your feeling. That must be the right one.

    And... happy birthday for your dear GF.
  10. She decided based on what she saw on eLux. The closest LV store to us is two hours away so she actually hasnt seen either in person, but she LOVED both online, and from seeing pictures of similarly framed girls on here with the BH I think it will look GREAT on her.

    And thanks so much for the BDay wishes, Ill be sure to pass them on to her.

    I've decided on the BH. It's my favorite, and it seems to be the unanimous vote on here, so Im gonna roll with that. I know she'll love either one.
  11. I'm same as you girl friend's age. I would prefer a Neverfull GM. It's more casual!
  12. ^ I took that into consideration.

    She's a teacher and would not use an expensive bag for casual use. It would be more for when we go out to dinner or when she's out with the girls all spiffed up. She would NEVER use an LV bag for casual use, that's just how she is, that's one of the main reasons I prefer the BH for her.
  13. Wow you are so generous! I would go for the BH, more classic and it has such a great square shape, plus it fits a ton.
  14. BH, neverfull has a quality control problem. llots of people have returned their bags because of a bleeding problem
  15. That's so sweet, I would go with the BH as well