What to get before next BIG purchase???


What to get before next BIG purchase in the fall???

  1. MONOGRAM WAPITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A Credit card holder of some type...

  3. Something Groom...

  4. Something else...??? Pochette or Vernis maybe..???

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  1. I am kind of on a self ban... I am trying to not buy too much until I go on my usual fall LV weekend away(I go away for a weekend in the fall and go LV shopping!!!:yahoo: )! What do you think I should get.... I am thinking the Monogram Wapity or maybe something else small... Like another card holder for overflow cards... Or maybe something Groom, if there is still anything left!:crybaby:

    Any other suggestions for something small (I am trying to keep it under $400)??:confused1:
  2. I mostly have Monogram items... my everday bag is My speedy 25 and Small Noe!!! ... If you were wondering! :smile:
  3. how about a Vernis Pomme Ludlow? Or a MC Black Wapity!
  4. I am thinking abput maybe adding a Vernis, Not a fan of the MC... I like the plain old Monogram (I guess I am just a concervative classy lady!)
  5. My vote goes for the Wapity, you can use this for so many things. :love:
  6. How about an agenda? You can use it as a wallet as well as an agenda.

    You can get the Monogram Canvas Koala for $350 to match with your bags.



    You can get a Vernis Small Ring Agenda for $305 for somthing different and to add some color if you'd like....


    Both can be used easly as wallet. I plan on doing this myself after seeing several post here of people who do this.

    Here's a link to ichelle's post and pictures of her Vernis Small Ring Agenda used as a wallet with Filofax inserts
  7. I agree with a Vernis agenda- Pomme or Framboise. Or maybe an Azur pochette!
  8. Pomme Vernis Agenda. :biggrin:
  9. How about a pomme or framboise cles?
  10. I'd go for the Mono Wapity or something Vernis... maybe a Cles
  11. wapity!!!
    its kinda teensy, but versatile!
  12. I'd say go for a Mono Ludlow... cos that's what I'm eyeing now!
  13. While I do love the groom line, all the wallets are over $500- for your price range, I'd go for the wapity!
  14. Vernis Agenda is my vote!!
  15. Vernis agenda :yes: in pomme ^^