What to Get? Batignolles Horizontal or Lockit Horizontal?


Which bag for me?

  1. Batignolles Horizontal

  2. Batignolles Vertical

  3. Lockit Horizonal

  4. Lockit Vertical

  5. Other- Tell me!

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  1. Ok so looking for my next purse. Should be able to get it in the next couple of months.

    I want something now that I can wear on my shoulder, my Speedy is only handheld and I kinda love/hate that way.

    So I have thought about these two-

    Batignolles Horizontal $740 or cheaper if I get one off eBay.


    But it doesn't have a zip closure which I like only the clasp.

    Next is teh Lockit Horizontal or vertical but I'm not sure. I think the vertical wouldn't give me enough room to put it on my shoulder????

    $965 or cheaper on eBay.


    And it DOES have the zipper which I like but I am not sure about the vachetta on the bottom getting dirty...

    Which one out of these do you suggest or you can suggest something else. But keep it below $1000. LOL

    Do you think any of these would look ok on a 170LB 5'5 me?

  2. between the two i prefer the lockit. i just bougth the saleya mm which is a great sized bag with a zippered closure. i would've opted for the lockit horizontal except i don't like mono canvas.
  3. I have both, the BH wears a lot easier then the LH. Also less worries about the bottom of the bag.

    If I didnt have either i'd still go for the BH as its not as structured, and a little more casual.
  4. BH! It's a great everyday bag:yes:
  5. BH has more pros than cons compared to LH.
  6. BH gets my vote.
  7. I chose the BV even though i like the lockit and it's less common, but i prefer it in the regular size. I have both the BV and BH, but i prefer the BV because I'm 5'5" and petty slim and i feeel th BH is too wide, and i like the slimness of the BV. Great everyday bag
  8. Anyone have pics of them wearing these bags? I looked through threads and seen some but are there more?
  9. Batignolles Horizontal
  10. BH!! it is so practical
  11. BH is much more practical and exactly what you're looking for in a shoulder bag :smile:
  12. These are the two I struggled to decide on as well. I eventually purchased the bh only because of the vachetta on the bottom on the lockit. If they ever make the lockit in damier - that would so much less worrisome. Good luck on your choice!
  13. In your signature is that the vertical?

    Thanks... I think I might get the Horizontal Batignolles..
  14. I really like both bags, but the BH has less exposed leather. That is the reason I bought my BH instead of the LH!