what to do????

  1. Okay ladies (and gents!) I need some help finding a bag. I really had my heart set on a Honey Fendi Spy Bag :love:. But, I am REALLY bad at saving money. I tend to spend before I have. :sad: So I have a feeling I may never save up enough money to get it. Or that by the time I do have the money the color I want won't be available. I just paid off my credit cards so I dont want to put anything on them again. So I am asking for help deciding on a different bag (less $$$). I want something that is along the same lines as the Spy (large, SOFT, leather, brown). Does anyone have any suggestions? I found a gorgeous Chanel Ultimate Soft bag (i think that was the name) messenger bag but I am concerned about the color (too light). I even thought about getting a baby spy but I want a bag that I can fit over my shoulders. Any suggestions (and pics!) would be greatly appreciated!! TIA!!!!!!!

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  2. Have you thought about either the Spy hobo or the Baby Spy? Both are less inexpensive, but at least stays within the style.

    I believe an all-leather Baby Spy costs around $1230US and the leather hobo at $1160US.
  3. I love the baby spy but I really want a bag that will fit over my shoulder. The hobo looks great but I am just not in love with it.
  4. That is a fantastic looking bag. I have never heard of the designer. I would love to hear feedback from people familiar with her line.
    Such as quality, durability, and texture.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion passerby!!
  6. I saw a bag today that reminded me of a Spy without being a line-for-line copy. It's here at the Bag Shop. $499.00 and it's listed as a shoulder bag. What do you think? :smile:

    Edited to add another picture that shows it *is* a shoulderbag!
    juniordrake.jpg jdrakeshoulder.jpg
  7. Oh My! Both of those are just gorgeous.

    Foxmonkey: I am suprised how much like a spy that bag looks! My only concern is it being mistaken for a replica.