What to do?

  1. Hi, I've been a lurker here for quite some time and I'm coming out of lurkerdom since you ladies seem to really know the ins and outs of eBay.

    I just brought a bag which sadly turned out to be a lemon. Seller listed it as a new, never used, no wears or tears There are obvious slight tears in the bag due to use. I don't know how to go about this. I've contacted the seller but haven't heard back. I'll wait and see what they say.

    However, what steps should I take if I end up filing a complaint through Paypal? Send the bag back? I'm not even sure if I should do anything since I am newly starting out on eBay...
  2. open a "significantly not as described" claim with paypal if you don't hear back from the seller soon
  3. I agree with ladyisobel, open up that claim - you can always close it, but you only have so long to open a claim. Take pictures, email the seller, if they listed as new and it's not, that's SNAD.
  4. Agree with the advice. Open a dispute and see if the seller responds. Even if the seller asks you to, do NOT send the bag back. Only send it back if eBay/PP tells you to do so. You'll need it for evidence. After you open the dispute, if you need to escalate it to a claim, also file a dispute with your CC company. Hope that helps!
  5. Well I just got a message back from the seller. She'll refund the money once I send the bag back. Would it be wrong of me to ask for reimbursement for any shipping charges it will take to send the item back? Or should I file a dispute directly through Paypal before doing anything? I don't know how this works.
  6. Personally when I have an issue like this I DEMAND the seller pay the return shipping. Why should YOU lose a dime on this lemon? If you go thru Paypal instead, THEY say YOU have to pay the return shipping. Since she says she'll refund your money do a couple of things:
    1. Print out a copy of the auction you won it from.
    2. Print out all emails of correspondence with her.
    3. Take VERY good pics of the damages on the bag.
    4. Send it back INSURED and signature required so she can't say she didn't get it.
    Good Luck!
  7. Please file a dispute before you do anything else. Also, I'd advise against sending the bag back until PP/eBay tells you to do so.
  8. I was thinking I should do that just to have some record from a third party that this is going on but will it hurt the seller in any way? I don't want to sound catty since she has been nice to me through this ordeal. I just don't know if I 100% trust her since she did send a defective bag in the first place, listing it as new, and plus, you can't really trust strangers no matter no nice they're being.

    But does Paypal really say I have to pay the return shipping? Can you guys just walk me through what I might expect from this process, those who've been through it before?