what to do?

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  1. I've been longing for a black city for SOO long but can't afford the retail price. I found a seller in New York and she will be coming here to the LA area in about 2 weeks for vacation. The problem is- I have never seen the bag and she doesn't have a digicam to take pictures of it. She said depending on her schedule she is willing to get the bag authenticated. However I trust you ladies more than the SA's around here. And I wouldn't know where to o in the first place. What to do?

    P.S. I'm nowhere near being able to tell if it's real or not just by looking at it myself :push:
  2. Honestly? I'd say save your money and buy a black bbag from a reputable retailer (department store or Balenciaga NYC). Preferably in f/w 07 leather. Don't let the desire for a black bbag cloud your judgment!
  3. I would wait too.
  4. There is probably nowhere for you to go to "get the bag authenticated," unless some Bal-experienced LA tPF member is willing to meet with you. Retailers like Neiman's have rules against doing authentication. Believe me, you shouldn't trust an SA at any retailer to properly authenticate your bag anyway.

    I agree w/the others--save your pennies to buy a new authentic bag. Chances are good that this bag is a fake, particularly if she's selling it far below retail.
  5. everyday you read about more people getting scammed...so best to pass.
  6. Black cities pop up on eBay pretty much on a daily basis, and there are lots of knowledgeable TPF members ready and willing to authenticate right here. I suggest taking some time to figure out what leather characteristics (and subsequently, what years/seasons) appeal to you, and then look for one on eBay... or else continue to save up and hold out until you can afford one from an authorized retailer :yes:
  7. I would wait too. The fact that she can't send you pictures is very suspicious to me.

    I can't imagine spending $1200 on a bag but not $200 on a camera...
    How did you find this person anyway?
  8. I would wait too. The worst thing is to buy a fake bag, carry it around and not know it is fake. Plus, Bbags do go on sale. I got a black twiggy from Bob Ellis Shoes with 30% discount. And they have a big sale twice every year...next one is in November if you can wait. Best of luck!
  9. I would definetely wait, you see, sometimes on eBay there are Black City sells for reasonable prices since it is pre-owned. I would rather to either wait and save for you to purchase from authorize dealers or go on ebay and check the bag you like and then if you find what you are looking for, the ladies here will be happy to authenticated the bag for you. Just post the ebay link into this thread :

    Good luck :shame: