What to do with a fake B-Bag gift?

  1. yesterday when I went to see my sample bags, my manufacturer gave me a "gift". It was a fake First B-Bag.

    I personally don't buy fakes, (except for the one that I didn't know was a fake from Ebay) I just think it is a waste of money, I'd rather save up for the real thing. Not because I am a label snob or anything, I just don't like to "pretend" to have something that it's not.

    Well, I don't have a B-Bag so I can't tell a fake from an original (unless it is obvious). First, I don't know how I feel about using it (posing). Second, how fake does it look? I measured it and the measurements are all correct, it came with the extra tassles, mirror and shoulder strap too. But is the zipper backwards? I saw a photo where it closes on the right side rather than the left.

    I am greatful for all things but I don't want to look like a fool either. So can you guys tell me what you would do
    1) would you use a FAKE if it was a gift? Or give it away to a kid?
    2) how bad of a fake is it?

    Thanks! Hopefully the photo is okay, I had to save it at half the resolution to have it fit here.
  2. Personally, I am not a fan of fakes. I wouldn't use it, but I would ask my friends or family if they wanted a fake Bbag and give it away because I know not everyone feels the same way I do. I'd rather the bag go to someone who would enjoy it as I know I never would.
  3. same here.. i would ask anyone around me if they would like a b-bag but do acknowledge that it is fake....
  4. I agree with pupsterpurse, very good idea.
  5. Great comments, thanks ladies....

    But how fake does it look? I was told it was made by the same manufacturers that is why I am wondering.... I want to know if I was being lied to or not.
  6. Maybe I am a fanatic, but I am so against fakes that I would just throw it away. Just my humble opinion...
  7. I am against fakes too especially those sold for profit. But I also do not want to be wasteful. There are plenty of people that can use things that we take for granted, I would give it away, throwing it away would not be an option for me. I could donate it or something.

    Can someone please tell me how bad or obvious it looks? I am still trying to decipher if I was lied to or not.

  8. I would donate it to a thrift shop, so it will go to someone who really needs a bag and isn't a poser, and will probably pay $20 for it and be happy.
  9. Who gave it to you?? I don't get it.
    It's a fake a real b-bag owner would notice. The leather is wrong, the stud faces are slightly too big.
    The zipper, you were worried about, is fine.
  10. I second Lelgin. LOL!
  11. It is a fake bag, but maybe someone told them it was real?
    I would just donate the bag.
  12. yeppers, i would try & find it a new home w/a friend or friend of a friend :yes:...telling them it's a faux b-bag & that you want it to go to good use...or i would donate it to a local church or thrift shop...even though i wouldn't want to carry it (especially since i've got the real deal) it could make another girl very happy :flowers:
  13. the ONE problem with giving it to Salvation Army or another thrift store is that they will most likely think it's real and charge $50 + dollars.
    I "pick" and see fake bags ALL the time, mostly Gucci, Chanel etc and the people who work at thrift shops think they are real, put them behind the one glass case and charge a lot more than they are worth.