What to do.... PART 2

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  1. Well, I got my replacement Blue Cotton Club tote today. The hologram on this one is perfect. However, there are marks on the bottom lining & the feet on the bottom of the bag are very very lightly scratched. I think it has been used. I swear, I think Karma is trying to tell me that this bag is not for me. I wore it around the house tonight and man it gets heavy after awhile! I dont know if I could carry it AND my 22 month old for very long. I am really thinking about taking it back tomorrow and just sticking with my GST for now until I find something that "works" for me. Does all the chain bags get this heavy after wearing them for a bit? Im gonna need a chiropractor!
  2. Well, if the bag is still not perfect, you can always go back and still replace them.
  3. The weight of larger bags is an issue with me no thanks to severe back issues. The fact that the replacement is not perfect would warrant a return straight off without weight being a factor. Perhaps owners of the GST will "weigh" in on what it's like to carry it.
  4. After much debate on my part, I am returning the Cotton Club. I LOVE the color, but I really wanted it for an evryday bag, and it it just too heavy for my needs right now. Plus, the problems I have had getting a perfect one tell me this is not the bag for me. So now I need to find something else for everyday.
  5. Almost all of the everyday Chanel bags have chain handles. The cerf and medallion totes don't have chains, but they don't strike me as everyday bags for a busy mom. They won't hold as much as the GST.

    The Cabas is very lightweight but the chains are chunky. This bag, however, isn't boxy like the GST or Cotton Club. The Cabas will mold to your body on the shoulder versus stick out and feel bulky.
  6. Sheesh, after reading your posts, you must be a tiny little thing if the cotton club is too heavy for you.
    OR, I must be a BIG ol' thing because I don't think these bags are that heavy. LOL! I'm just used to it, I think. Ya, I can see how the chain straps might not be comfortable for everyone.
  7. The great thing about CHANEL bags is that they really aren't heavy compared to most other designers like Marc Jacobs or Chloe.
  8. lol I don't find them heavy either. I carry a jumbo flap and it just doesn't bother me.
  9. Moms carry kids, the kid bag, a handbag -- that's a lot of weight. The body is misaligned with the hip jutting out supporting the child. Everyone's body is different and we all carrying varying amount of "stuff" with us. What is considered light to one may not be light to someone else. Once I had my son, I handed him off to the huzbent to carry, or the little bugger was in a stroller and that was pre-spinal fusions, etc.
  10. ^^^^^ Exactly. I could handle the weight of the bag itself, but then add my son, a blanket, a toy...... gets a bit heavy. Anyway, Im still looking for the right bag. An SA at Bellagio might be able to get me a beige Cambon tote.