What to do- Love Bandeau or Pastilles Charm?


Which to choose?

  1. Love Bandeau/Scarf

  2. Pastilles keychain/Bracelet

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  1. Ok so I recently bought a Damier Azur Speedy 30, Framboise Vernis Cles, and the Love bandeau.

    I have sold the Vernis Cles because I just couldn't stand paying that much for that thing. But! Now I want the pastilles bracelet/keychain. And that's even more!

    So I'm thinking of selling the Love scarf- either selling or keeping it and NOT getting the pastilles.

    I love the look of the pastilles on the Speedies! Love love love it! And I love the fact it can be worn as a bracelet!

    But my scarf looks good too but I worry about it getting dirty and sometimes it doesn't look right when I tie it. Either way I think they pastilles would look better...

    Here's my Speedy with the scarf:

    Then the pastilles on the mini lin speedy:


    What do you think?

    And the love scarf- is it sold out, hard to find? Realy saught after? There's only one or two on eBay right now and they are WAY over retail. I figured if I sell it I will start it low to get more people interested. And hopefully gain something...?

    So pastilles or Love scarf?
  2. Well, do you LIKE the lvoe scarf? It depends on how you feel about it..if you don't absolutely love it, sell it and get the Pastilles.
  3. I like it butjust am worried about keeping it up and cleaning and such. Even though I haven't even really used it yet, IDK. I have just been in Lvoe with the pastilles though!

    I can't find any of the info on it (scarf) anymore- it's off Eluxury.

    So it's kinda hard to put together my auction. LOL
  4. Lol. Well if you haven't really used it then don't keep it just to keep it. Get the Pastilles!
  5. Yeah I know. I thought I would really like it but eh I do but eh I don't think I'd use it.

    And the only thing really keeping me from buying the pastilles in the first place was the cost...

    But if I sell the scarf and I have the money from selling the vernis cles than that gives me enough to get a new one from Elux.

    Should I get the new one or try to win one off eBay for less? LOL I've been watching a few?

    I think I'll try to win one.

    I don't even know why I started this thread. I'm just answering my own questions. HAHA.
  6. I have pastilles and love it! you should get it..it's soooo pretty and matches w/any bag beautifully. you could also use it as a bracelet.
  7. i voted for the pastille simply because you can wear it as a bracelet :yes:
  8. I love the scarf, it is beautiful. I say keep it.
  9. I'd keep the LVOE Bandeau and get the Pastilles bracelet later on.
  10. I think you should get the pastilles. It can be a purse charm or a bracelet
  11. i like pastilles better
  12. It seems like you really love the pastilles charm bracelet, so get it!
  13. what about both?
    coz for me, they are look different, and by switching the accesorries, ur bag would look like new!:graucho:
  14. I can't afford both.. Technically I can but it's just not too responsible. Or something like that. LOL
  15. OMG keep the scarf since it's so hard to find. That bag looks so delicate and beautiful, it NEEDS the love of the love scarf to complete the look.

    And P.S.: I still can't get over how gorgeous that bag looks in the picture. I wish you still had the vernis cles. I think that's like the best combo for the azur to be honest. I'm just too poor to go there lol.