What to do?! How limited is the patchwork speedy?

  1. OK, girls, I'm going crazy........I'm on the waitlist, but I'm not guaranteed a bag. I didn't think I'd like the bag until I saw all the pics. I LOVE it!! Saw the bowly in person and it's too big for me. Would I be stupid to buy one off of eBay or should I wait it out and see if I get a call? I'm feeling soooo desperate right now!! LV will only let you get on one boutique waiting list now. I know in the past, I used to be on waitlists all over. What to do?!!!
  2. I would call 866 and see if any stores have them readily available w/o a waitlist!!! Good luck!
  3. Do you know where you are at on your wait list? They usually let you know how many bags their stores are getting and what # you are at..... It seems like Speedy is super popular in Patchwork Collection, not other styles. My store's only receiving 3 speedies, and all are spoken for, but no one are on the lists for the other styles...how about Posty? I don't think that bag is too big. I'm waiting for that one in Grey now.
  4. It's waitlist only. I've been told by 866 that a lot of lists are already full.
  5. I have a good relationship with my SA and the cashier at LV here, BUT I was late to the list. The leather goods manager is not in until Wednesday and she's the one who says how many are available, etc. This is what I'm told by them. I really want the speedy. I'm a speedy nut!!!
  6. I would try to call the boutiques directly. I am #2 on my local list, but you never know, so I called an out of town SA I bought something from a couple of weeks ago and asked her to put me on her list. I think I am #25 on the second list, so hope my #2 position locally comes through. My SA at local boutique has assured me that I will get my bag. She said bags were allocated to the boutiques quite some time ago according to the # of customers on their waiting lists. We shall soon see, right?
  7. I cant believe they told you that you could only get on one list. My SA just told me the other day to call every store I could to get on their lists for the bags I wanted. That was less than 2 weeks ago. You can call as many as you want, just call each store directly or you will get forwarded to 866 by default and not know it. They "pretend" like they're the store you called. Sucks. Dont tell them you are wait listed with another store.
    Rest assured someone whose on one of those lists to get a bag for sure will pass on it.
    I always wait list and sometimes even go ahead and give my card info but a lot of the time I change my mind by the time they call. I can't hold onto funds long while waiting! lol
  8. 866 number people sucks. Every time I tried to call about LE items(just to check any other stores received the item I'm waiting for), they say "it's a wait-list item, so get on a list at your store" They don't even check their data for me.
  9. I can't believe they told me that either!!!!! I've always got on more than one list. What is weird is that the SA at the Tucson LV called me back and found out through the computer that I was on more than one list. WTH?! He told me that first and then 866 said that it's their policy.....one store only.

    I'm so happy now though.......a wonderful PF'er referred me to her boutique and I'm getting my speedy. They're sending it out tomorrow. I was put on their list of what numbers they knew they were getting for sure.....the SA called me back an hour later and said she had one for me. I'm thrilled!!
  10. They are sending it out already? I am patiently waiting for my store to call me! Congrats!

  11. YAY!!!! I'm so glad you found one!! I really love mine and hope you enjoy yours too!!!!!
  12. I can't wait!!!!!!! I really was lucky to find it. I called and put my name on the waitlist and I was the last name they were going to take......they got their shipment in as we spoke on the phone. I keep looking at the pics on here and I'm just soooo in love!!!
  13. ^^that is a cute bag ..can't wait to see photos:heart: