What to BUY!?!?!

  1. My 14 y/o daughter wants a new "cool" handbag...I dont know which one to get her, and I really want her to like it. What are some cool fun desinger handbags that are extreemely instyle:confused1:

  2. Why don't you ask your DD what she thinks is a "cool" handbag and go from there? I think young teenagers have their own favorites.
  3. I agree ask your dd what she might like or surf the web with her.
  4. Is there a price cap? If not...whee!! :nuts:

    Does she really care if it's a "designer" bag, or will she be happy with a cute "inspired" purse? Is she a Pacsun kinda girl (they've got cute stuff, I used to work there) or does she need real leather/quality materials?

    Does it have to be a surprise b/c if she's not the type of teen that's embarrassed to go shopping with mmmOOOOOooommm...(fun how they can put more than one syllable into "mom" :roflmfao: )... than you could pick it up with her.

    Give us a price range and brands she likes to wear & we'll make more specific suggestions. :yes:
  5. Usually girls those age will go for any Coach purses
  6. A lot of teenagers are into Dooney and Bourkes. They come in many cool colors, shapes, and designs.
  7. I think Dooney's or Coach are a safe choice. My 14 year old and all her girlfriends (12-17 she is a competition dancer, so has a wide age range of friends) love Dooney's. My Daughter has 3 different ones and wants MORE....:rolleyes:
  8. lol when I was 14 I liked Guess handbags and I still have a soft spot for them. Then I got into Moschino which I think is still really cool, their designs are very quirky. Dior's bags are pretty affordable and I liked their flower logo design a while back. Then there's Louis Vuitton and Chanel, but I dunno if it's appropriate for a 14 year old girl to wear them... this is up to you to decide!
  9. i love guess and esprit when i was 14. and i see lots of girls that age now where i lived carrying cute purses from surf brands like quiksilver, rip curl, billabong, insight, or rusty.
  10. I agree, Coach is great for teenagers! (My son even wanted a Coach wallet, he got a velcro one instead!)
  11. Coach is huge for girls that age *and even for me, I'm a huge Coach girl*

    I also agree with the Juicy recommendation. They have bright colors and fun styles.

    Ask if she had anything in particular in mind.
  12. Maybe you should try Juicy purses?
  13. I agree either Juicy, Coach or Dooney
  14. Does she like VOLUME or tiny? Does she want ONE great name-brand or 6 trendy unique? Does organization matter to her?