What To Buy Next Weekend? Help Me!

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  1. Hi all,

    As some of you may have read in my other thread.....hubby & I are heading to Chicago next weekend again....and I'm set to buy another LV.
    My wish is below in my signature. Anything Suhali is definetly out of the picture right now....and no accessory buying when hubby is around (he really thinks they are a waste of money...sometimes I agree - $300 for a MC cles:nuts: ).
    I am tossed up....I basically only have one shoulder bag in my collection (the BV) and everything else is handheld (I have a ton of pochettes but they're too small to be considered a shoulder bag). I have the PH on my wishlist and the Saleya as well.
    BUT one thing....I tried on the Leopard Stephen (yea...in my dreams I'd be buying that)....but you can wear it messenger style and I LOVE the hands free thing sometimes! I mean shoulder bags are hands free...but sometimes you're adjusting the straps, etc.

    Help me out ladies........
  2. What do you own now twiggers?
  3. Nice wish list! I love the black mc trouville. Of course, when I go to the LV boutique with one thing in mind, I come out with something completely different!
  4. I'd buy the Popincourt Haut.
  5. I'd say pop haut too! Great shoulder bag! That's next on my list I think lol
  6. hmm...why don't u get the manhattan GM? i love that bag!!!!!!or you have it already? haha
  7. From your list, I say PH. But a cute messenger not that pricey is the bosphore pm.
  8. lol.. I'm not helping much.. but I'd say a duomo, saleya, or PH. Skip out on the MC trouville for now just cuz you already have the Lodge and the Speedy!

    Personally I'd pick the Saleya because some people say that it can fit on the shoulder although elux and vuitton.com both say the PM says is handheld.

    Also, try the PH on IRL and see what you think? I find that purse very deceptive. I thought it'd be too small and look not that great, but when I tried it on and played around with it - it fits quite a bit and hangs nicely off the shoulder!
  9. Damier Alma is my vote. I love the Alma!
  10. twiggers I own and love the PH and LH...shoulder bags are my fav so I have decided that I want the tulum pm also....ohhh the MC aureilla is super nice as well...all my bags shoulder bags except for my speedy 30
  11. I say check out the sayela pm or how about the mm? Maybe that one can go on the shoulder better? There's always the Looping family too, one strap with those.

    I can't wait to see what you come home with next weekend!!
  12. This is tough. I would say for a comofrtable shoulder bag that is so adorable, the PH. I want one someday too. I worry it might be too similar to your BV though.
    I have and love the Saleya PM, and even though I can fit it on the shoulder, it's best look is as a handheld IMO.
    What about trying as tr444 suggested a larger Damier Saleya or a larger Damier tote like the Parioli or the Chelsea (or are they too big?).
  13. You took the words right out of my mouth.
  14. :yes: :yes:
  15. For total "hands free" shopping if you only need a long wallet, cell, keys, and one other knick knack. How about the popincourt long it can be worn across the body or over the shoulder... I know it's too small:sad:

    Well you can wear the saleya mm on the shoulder, but not across the body,

    Or on your list popincourt haut like all the other pfers are suggesting?:confused1:

    I'm a mess! :sweatdrop: