What to buy in London

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  1. My brother is going to London end Feb and he asked me if there's anything I'd like to him to buy for me.:drool: It's been more than a decade since I went to London so trends may have changed. Right now I can only think of Gerard Darel, Vivienne Westwood and Mulberry at the moment. Need help here suggesting what's exclusive and/or cheaper in London:confused1: that I should buy. BTW, I'm from Singapore. Many thanks in advance!:heart:
  2. If he hits Oxford/Regent street, then he should go to Liberty and Selfridges and you can get pretty much most things there. There is a standalone Mulberry shop nearby too. You should also look for Luella stuff (think Liberty is/was best for that).
  3. Oh yes, Luella, almost forgotten about this brand. Thanks for reminding me!
  4. I love Smythson of Bond Street and Belen Echandia.
    And how about Anya Hindmarch?
  5. Tanner Krole, Orla kiely
  6. Billy bag

    lulu guiness
  7. I hear Balenciaga has a flagship store in London
  8. Paul Smith
    and you should really make him get you something from a Lush shop (wonderful soaps)

    I always get home wih lots of tea, salt and vinegar crisps, a half eaten pack of Hobnobs, books and some thights. I'll be there in April again
  9. IF you prefer more "indie" bags, there's Jas M.B. just around the corner from Liberty (I recommend going to Liberty's to scope things out - they have a lovely handbag department)
  10. Thanks to all ladies who have provided great info! Yeah, will keep the names in mind and research which ones I like. Hope to hear more!!