what the heck !!


Dec 1, 2006
hey guys just want to share my experience today.. i took out my azur speedy for the first time today and my friend and her coworkers saw it and started asking me if my purse is a "louis" ,,i'm like yes and there like "are you sure",.. one girl said "really a louis? how come it look so cheap" i was appalled :cursing: .. ahhh.. the other girl looked at it and said that's not from the store that's from the "bangketa" or translated to street side (hahah i think) and then one girl said " i don't think that's a real "louis" they don't have like that in the boutique" and so i said oh it's not there yet co'z there's a waitlist... i just can't believe they think it's fake aghhhh it's so frustating eneweis they ended up looking inside my purse and on the pocket is the receipt (i always carry my receipt on my purses, in case anyone implies that's it a fake i could show them the receipt :yes: )... so that's sums it up. i just want to vent out my frustration :P .


Got a handle on it
Nov 2, 2006
Since when is it anyone's business where you got something and how much you paid??!! That is appalling!! People need to mind their own business - if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.