What the heck? Question about BIN & AUCTION?

Jun 14, 2007
Okay- so I found a great item, with a low auction starting price and a high BIN. So I bid on the item, because from my experience, once you bid, the BIN option goes away. So there is NO reserve on this item, I placed a bid and the BIN is still there. I've cleared my search, re-searched the item and sure enough my auction bid is there, but so is the BIN so someone could snatch the item, even though I placed a bid. Did EBAY change their policies about this? When I was a new seller a couple years ago, I placed an item for sale with an auction starting price and BIN, someone bid, and the BIN option went away. I was so confused, I called EBAY and they said that was the policy- that once a buyer places a bid, the BIN option goes away. Am I missing something here?


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Oct 4, 2006
Here & There
How unusual. Normally this would happen only if there was a reserve price that needed to be met in order for the BIN price to go away.


Mar 2, 2006
I have that with an item I'm bidding on. It's kind of annoying, I bid somewhat close to the BIN (like $20 less) and the option is still there. Who knows.