What The Celebrities Were Wearing At The Emmys

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  2. Wow, I wish I had a reason to dress up like these women, I'm so jealous. They all look so beautiful.
  3. my thoughts exactly :crybaby:
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  11. heidi, and everyone, looks amazing! wow!!
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  13. Mariska looks really good for woman that gave birth to baby less than 2 months ago!. Im so happy she won,she deserved it alot!.
  14. Thanks for the pics, Prada! I thought there was a LOT of purple...Heidi Klum looked amazing, IMO, and so did Izzy from Gray's Anatomy(can't remember her name) - her stylist deserves an award or something!!!

    Who do you think was worst dress? (Besides Paula Abdul, obviously.)
  15. Sandra Oh is also I belive one of the worst dressed. She shouldnt have worn that necklace. There was too much happening in the front of her dress =D