What sunglasses is she wearing?

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  1. hiya!!!
    time to change sunnies in time for summer...i've fallen in love with this pair of sunglasses after seeing it in this print ad...want to get it from the store within this week. :yahoo:

    i've tried it on but i wanted to make sure if the one selma is wearing is the same as the one in the picture below. cos i tried it on at the store and somehow it didn't look the same. i also saw another pair that was so similar so i thought i better double check.
    Here's a picture that i took from an auction on eBay.

    are they the same???

    what do u think of the sunglasses? do u think it's too plain?
  2. i love both pairs, but i'm not sure they're exactly the same?

    selma's lenses look opaque, whereas the eBay ones seem to be a tad lighter. selma's also look a bit bigger...

    i'm no expert though.

  3. the sheerness is baffling! because before itried it on at the store it looked like there was some sort of gray gradient and that's what i wanted but when i put it on it was pitch black!
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