what style sandstone should I get?


hunt another work color, or SS city or work???

  1. Sandstone City GH

  2. Sandstone Work GH

  3. Get the city GH and hunt for another Work in another color?

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  1. Hi guys, another indecisive dilemma from me...

    From a lovely PFer... i have an option of purchasing a Sandstone Work GH or City GH, which style should I go for?

    or and which other color work should I try hunt for if I get the GH city?

  2. Definitely Sandstone Work w/GH. :tup:GH looks little crowded in the City style in my opinion.:yes:
  3. thanks nanaz! did you sell your black First yet?

  4. yea somehow i agree GH looks abit packed in City, perhaps work better with Work...but i think if you really like City, it still looks good!! every Bbags are lovely...hee...

    it depends what sort of tone you want to get for the other one...

    oops, maybe im not that helpful! gd luck anyways!
  5. I'm not into GH normally, but I think the Sandstone GGH is a beautiful Combo.. I would go for the Work Size!
  6. I'm going to sound biaised but GET THEE HANDS on a SS work with GH!!!

    The city with GH can look a bit crowded because the surface area is less. On the work it seems more in proportion - (plus its a less popular style than the city and so kinda makes you stand out which I see as a plus).
  7. Here is gorgeous Karenab with her Giant Sandstone Work and my Giant Sandstone Day. May be this will help you to narrow it down a bit.:heart:
    DSC04059.jpg IMG_2659 (2).JPG
  8. I just love this color combo!!
  9. As if you needed more of me blabbing on....

    This is the SS work after its got a bit more broken in.
    DSC04133.jpg DSC04131.jpg
  10. My vote is for the SS Work...for all the reasons everyone has already shared. karenab....your SS Work and Nanaz your day...just GORGE :p
  11. I opt for GH work and the combo is great!
  12. I voted SS GH Work too -- that gorgeous leather needs to be on a big bag! Yummy!
  13. Another vote for GH sandstone work!!
  14. yes ma'ams! I will do so accordingly and contact the seller right away! i've been indulging myself in work pics lately and... hehehe... SOLD!

    thanks everyone for all your inputs... much appreciated! and will post pics of course! well... when I pay it off that is! :p
  15. haha... your "blab" is always helpful karen! :tup: