What style is this called LV Pros?

  1. Tell me please! I bought a pair in black and they are incredibly comfy but I don't know what they are called? Anyone?

  2. i think they're called Jessica.
  3. Thank you deluxe! I had seen them off and on and thought hmm those look comfy lol and it's nice to have a pair of LV's that don't have the monogram all over the shoe kwim? I can wear them without ppl staring at my feetsies :tup:
  4. Yup, I think they're called the Jessica Espadrilles?

    I remember KK had some Jessica's, but they were ballerina flats.
  5. ooh those are super cute!! I bet they're lovely in black.
  6. These are the ones I bought, sooo cute! And cozy, I rarely wear high heels but these just caught me eye;)and I liked them so much I bought the white pair too. :rolleyes:

  7. Hey John! Nice to see ya fella! Almost 21 huh... lol I can remember it :angel::whistle:
  8. Does anyone remember when that style was produced?
  9. Yep, the jessica :smile: They came in flats, mules and these platform espidrilles...all 3 were made in black and white. I have the white mules and have been kicking myself for 3 years for not buying the black.

    Here is the mules, with some of my other mules.

  10. Tink might know... I'm gonna guess S/S '02?

    Chag: Yup... counting down the days!!! :yahoo:
  11. I would have said S/S o4, but I just checked the date code and it is 0094, so that's September o4...which means S/S 05 :wtf:...seems much longer.:shrugs:
  12. ^Yeah I remember those from 04'/05'. I'm so mad I didn't get the flats...but I wasn't into flats then. :push:
  13. sooo cute!! just adorable! enjoy!
  14. Oh snap! The design of the fleurs looks so... 2002-ish?

    But since there are MC fleurs on the shoes, I guess the MC line inspired the design.. which would kinda make sense since the MC line was launched in '03.
  15. ^^^Actually MC was 03 :smile: That I know! I spent that whole summer waiting and begging for my speedy and alma...let's not bring up that whole can of worms again :cursing:...limited my behind!