What style is the most popular?

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  1. For all those YSL lovers out there what do you think the most popular style is? I am fairly new to YSL. I bought the purple large tribute and purple large downtown last year (thanks to Cosmo's posting of great sales) and got the MUSE II large in the blue like the Kate Moss ad. I love them all. Each to me is a work of art. The quality is great and I am very happy with my 3 bags. I find each one serves a purpose. I do love the Muse II more than the others at this point.:heart:
  2. #2 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    Of course it's all up to individual taste. I have the black med. Downtown in leather and bought it beacuse it tuly is a classic and never goes on sale. I will wear mine for years to come. :smile:
  3. I'd say Muse and Muse II. Besace is very popular as well. I think my favourite style is the Easy, though.
  4. The original Muse is definitely the most popular.
  5. Most popular? - I'd say the original muse.

    My favorite is the Easy though. I'd pick the Easy over the Muse. :idea:
  6. Absolutely agree. Runners up would be the Mombasa and Downtown, I think.