What Style Do You See The Most?

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  1. Inspired by Lisa-SH's Damier Speedy thread, I'm curious...what style and/or collection do you see the most often in your area?

    For me here in downtown Toronto (mostly in Eaton Centre and on Bloor St) I see the Monogram Speedy 25 the most. Even more so than the pochette, which EVERYONE seemed to have before. Second most often, I see the blue denim collection items.
  2. Well in Manhattan, New York, I tend to see a lot of Speedy 25's and 30's. In the downtown areas, I see more of them in Monogram or Damier but when I go uptown, I see a lot of Epi Speedys =)
  3. In downtown Montreal (rue Ste-Catherine and its surroundings), I see mono Speedy 25 and 30 the most. Then there's a whole bunch of other monos like multiplicite, ellipse, papillon, cabas...etc. I think the 2nd most popular line is Epi (soufflot and Speedy).
    In all other suburban areas, les pochettes accessoires rule the land (but they're all FAKE!) lol
  4. mono speedy :yes:
  5. mono Alma
  6. in Buffalo, i see the Speedy and Mono, Multicolore and Cherry Blossom Pochette Accessoires the most, and fake ones at that :lol:
  7. I see lots of various fake Mono's and when I see fake MC, it's usually pochettes
  8. a lot of fakes., I have yet to see one authentic bag in my area. :sad:
  9. I see the cabas piano the most...second is the speedy.
  10. I see mono the most probably speedy, BH, bucket, pap, pochette. I see mostly older ladies carrying damier saleyas.
  11. like CEC.LV4eva, i live in mtl and the speedy mono 25 and 30 are common but mostly are fakes hah !
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