What store has purple giftwrap?

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  1. I know, this is pathetic...However, my husband just put a gift under the tree, clearly not wrapped by him. It is dark purple, kind of eggplant wrapping with a pretty white bow. He just returned from a trip to Aspen - LV is there, as is Fendi, Dior, etc. It is smaller, about the size of a wallet. :P So, does this sound familiar to anyone?? There are no other markings on the paper.
  2. Asprey?
  3. The Container Store
  4. No idea... some stores have options too! I love presents and wondering what they are!!!
  5. ahhhhh I feel your pain! I have waiting to find out too :smile: only 4 days to go and all will be revealed ;)
  6. Well-if you lived in my neighborhood, I would know what store-LOL. We have a gift shop and toy store here that are owned by the same people and they use purple wrapping paper and everyone knows it's from there the second you see the package-it's their signature.

    Other than that, I can't help you-you will have to tell us what it is after you open it!