What size shopping tote do you have?


What size shopping tote do you have?

  1. Grand Shopping Tote

  2. Petite Shopping Tote

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  1. Petite Shopping tote or Grand Shopping tote? and what color hardware?
  2. Red pst w/dark silver hardware. I LOVE IT![​IMG]
  3. ^Leamington you bag is gorgeous!! Love that in red!!! I have the petit in beige w/ gold hardware..and I LOVE it!!! :heart: Emmy
    CHANEL 001.jpg
  4. I have the petite in black caviar with gold hardware. now wanna get a grand shopping tote for work. =)
  5. Emmy, yours is beautiful, as well! The beige looks very elegant!
  6. I have the GST in Brown with dark silver hardware. I think the Petite is a more dressy look, and the Grande a bit more casual because of it's oversized nature.
  7. I have the black with silver h/w GST and love it!!
  8. Don't have one yet, but planning on getting a beige petit shopper soon. I'd love to get a black gst later too.
  9. I love your tote. Beautiful color. I recently tried on the GST and loved it, but I'm curious about the size difference. Neiman's didin't have the petite tote so I couldn't compare the sizes.

    Measurements of each anyone?

  10. I tried on the Petite one at Chanel the other day, I felt like it was too small for me since I usually carry a larger size bag. I love the red one that leamington posted! If anyone wants the Beige or the black petite shopper with Gold HW, the Chanel in Orlando, FL @ Millenia Mall has them.
  11. black petite caviar with gold hardware... I got it on the last day before the price hike.
  12. i often wander on to the chanel forum from LV, and everytime i go here, i fall in love with a new bag! leamington, your shopping tote looks great!
  13. I'm so surprised by all the answers for petite, the grande seems likes it's mentioned so much more on this board so I assumed more people bought the grande. I'm buying the petite.

    Anyone have pictures of the petite filled with stuff? I'm wondering how much it holds.

  14. Surprisingly, it holds quite a bit - comfortably!:smile:
  15. ooops... here are some pics!