What size Hermes Agenda do you have?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I am wondering if those of you who have the Vision or Grand Modele agenda.....what kind of calendar does it have?

    Does it have a month view? I know they have 2 pages per week, but does it give you anything else like a month view, info pages, address pages, note pages?

    I had gotten the small PM agenda but the calendar just didn't work out for me and I'm wondering if maybe the bigger agendas have different calendars.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. I believe I have the vision -- the inserts have four parts

    The first part is spiral bound and contains:

    1. Solar cycle?
    2. international dialing codes
    3. useful telephone numbers (e.g. 911 for emergency in US)
    4. National holiday chart (most major countries)
    5. conversion chart (metric conversion)
    6. two pages of notes
    7. 2006 calendar (one week in 2 pages)
    8. couple of pages for appointments for January/Feb 2007
    9. 6 pages of blank notes page
    19. 2007 solar cycle
    20. page of note

    The second part is the address book which slips into the back cover

    The third part (it's actually a fold out) has a chart of all of the calendar months (kind of like a month view but with day breakdowns) -- also slipped into the back cover

    The fourth part is a looseleaf of plank notebook pages -- slipped into the front cover.

    I LOVE it!:heart: :heart:
  3. ^^ Wow! Now why didn't I see that???? Could you possibly post pics of it? I would love to see the different parts of the insert. Thanks so much for the info!!
  4. ^ There are different inserts that you can choose from, too. Some show 2 weeks at a view, some show one, for example. :smile:
  5. I have the PM with loops. It's fantastic and sometimes, I take it out just to pet it. I know, I'm sad.
  6. I have a GM agenda which I love. I have the quarterly agenda inserts, one page for every day with three months in every spiral book. You can also get a one year insert with one week on two pages. I like to keep track of my spending/work expenses in my agenda so I needed the extra writing space. The little kit also came with an address book and a year at a glance calendar which I find very helpful.
  7. Before I could try to upload the photos, the system went down for maintenance (thanks, Vlad!) and I went to sleep. I will try to upload photos later my tonight (Japan time).
  8. Was able to upload - here are some photos.
    photo 2.jpg photo 3.jpg photo 4.jpg photo 5.jpg photo 6.jpg
  9. Perja, that's so funny! So do I... When I am in a meeting, I just kind of feel the smoothness of the leather.. I have decided that all of my business "accessories" will be switched to Hermes. I just now have to get a Hermes pencil/pen case.
  10. Thank you so much for the pics!! That is a great looking agenda!
  11. sorry the photos are kind of small. Good luck on your choice!