What should I wear with this dress???

  1. I wanted to get this dress and am trying to find a way to wear it to the office with basic pieces I already own...

    I was thinking maybe a fitted silk button down shirt in white or ivory underneath and red pumps... Any ideas? I'm trying to take it to the next level while keeping it professional.

  2. A cropped jacket with bracelet sleeves would be very appropriate for the office. You could then use the jacket with jeans too.
  3. I wouldn't wear a button down shirt underneath since the dress appears to have some detail going on along the middle. I don't think it would be as professional as having an outer piece (cardigan / blazer, etc). I would add a long necklace to the outfit too.
  4. Definitely a jacket and low-key shoes and bag. That dress should be the center of attention.
  5. you shoud let the dress be the center of attention. pair it with a cropped jacket & a killer handbag :smile:
  6. i agree, that would look very cute!
  7. I agree with the others a cropped jacket or cardigan would look brilliant with it.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions... I'll give these a try. I have a cardigan that I think would be perfect for this dress.
  9. Yes, a lightweight jacket and light on the accessories should do it. I wouldn't wear a blouse under it either. It's a really cute dress. Maybe the jacket in red?
  10. maybe a red button up cardigan? it's a really traditional piece that would tone down the dress a little bit. that's a really cute dress btw... who is it by?
  11. Thanks. It's by Trina Turk.

    Anyone have any idea about shoes? I would normally do my silver shoes for navy but think it may be a bit much for the office.