What Should I Pay For This!?!

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  1. So I found a Botkier Trigger Fan Hobo that I have been craving...but it's $347 and in Teal...I know these bags are pricey but is was a couple of seasons ago and I am not sure whether this is a good price or not( I am buying it as an early graduation gift for myself and I need a treat but not an overpriced one!) Thanks!
    [​IMG] Gorgeous, No?

    May 20th, 2007
    Class of 07'...we're free!:wlae:
  2. I'm graduating on May 11! the bag is stunning--is it in new condition? are you purchasing from boutique or second hand eBay? what was the original price?
  3. Congrats and I KNOW that you are exicted as I am! About the bag, It is new from a boutique and the original price is $695..but there seems to be a lot of Botkier sales acrosse the country but I am in Maryland and do not have easy access to designer discount places! So I am still up in the air but leaning towards a yes!
  4. i say yes even on sales i think 1/2 off (or about that which is what you would be getting) is pretty darn good! :smile: and i acutally really like that blue color

    i have 2 new botkiers and i love them i def think thats a great grad. present for yourself

    congrads btw!
  5. I have the fan hobo in Ecru. I think it's just a tad too big for me, but other than that, it's a pretty bag. I love that teal color. Great for spring. But just wanted to warn you about the size. The price is pretty good. I got mine on sale on Botkier.com last year. With tax and shipping, I paid about the same as your bag. That color is probably not easy to find now, so to me, the price is very good.
  6. I say yes!
  7. Get it. Its a gorgeous color. It was on sale in Neiman Marcus and they went as low as $295 after all the discounts but they dont have that gorgeous color. Where did you see it?
  8. I think that's a great price and I love the color.
  9. I love that color - fab for spring and fall. Do you think that you can fit it over your shoulder? I'm a big bag girl, but I wouldn't want to only carry that one on my arm. But lovin' it!
  10. Congrats on your upcoming graduation! that is a beautiful bag, and a great price, I say definitely go for it!! I love that color blue. looks soo good with white
  11. I love the color of this bag and it's a great price at $347.00. With that said, if it's what you've been looking for you'll probably be kicking yourself if you pass it up. It's alittle too large for me but if it's not for you...grab it before it's gone!