what should i get? speedy 25 or 30

  1. Hi everyone! I need help deciding whether to get a monogram speedy 25 or 30. I'm 5'3 and I love big bags, but I'm worried about the sagging with the 30. Can anyone who have both bags give me suggestions? Thanks!!
  2. I used to have 25 but i feel its too small after a while. SO i got the 30. Im 5'2, 50kg btw. Its the perfect size IMO. Try the search u should find many similar threads like yous now.
  3. Get the 30 if you're only getting one. You can put a shaper in the bottom and get a purseket, but you will love the extra room. It also looks prettier. I loved my 25 best for a long time, but I really enjoy my 30 and if I could only have one, I would definitely get the 30.
  4. Definitely 30. Look into a shaper for the bottom or you can do what I did - cut the top of a hard LV box to fit the bottom. Works great.
  5. Go for the 30

  6. I think she probably posted this because the search function is disabled at this time and she can't do a search.
  7. 25!! It's the biggestg bag I own! :smile:
  8. i have speedy 30 and i like the bag..a perfect size to carry my stuff (wallet, 2 cellphones, bottle water, keys, extra sweater..etc)
  9. I really love my 25! I always think about getting a 30, but everytime I've tried it on, I've felt like I'm playing "dress-up". :smile:
    I'm 5'5", if that helps.
  10. Sagging will not be a problem if you get a base, magazine, or put a DVD case on the bottom. If you like big bags then the 25 will definitely be too small for you!
  11. Take the 30!!!!
  12. i like both! haha
    better to try both bags and see for yourself what looks best on you...
  13. I'm 5'3'' and my 25 is perfect, that said, its such a personal choice pick which ever one makes you the happiest
  14. Go for the 30! I have a Speedy 25 in Monogram and eventually got an Azur in 30 partially because I found the 25 too small for daily usage (and also because I really love the colors of the Azur haha)