What should I do?

  1. Things aren't working properly for me in this period...
    You all know I'm looking for a Bayswater, I was very undecided about the colour but now I'm leaning toward black.
    One I was looking in eBay slipped away from my fingers, then today I decided to go to a local outlet which sells last seasons luxury items. And there she stood...a Bayswater at a faboulous price, but she was tooled and in chocolate!
    I'm not a fan of the tooled Bayswater (though I've to admitt it was a very nice bag), but it was more than 50% off! I asked if they had other in stock, but they didin't.
    What should I do? Take this bargain and learn to love it or wait for a black classic Bayswater, which I obviously prefer?
  2. i'd say wait....if you know you wont be happy, it's just not worth settling for the time being. save and one will pop up and you'll love it even more so because it will be EXACTLY what you want :smile:
  3. I agree - definately wait. It is a deal at 50% off but it doesn't matter if it is not the bag you want. I say keep looking:yes:
  4. Wait for your dream bag, don't get side-tracked!
  5. Wait for the regular one. Last summer those Tooled ones were on sale att Mulberry and I was so close to buy one just because of the price.
    So glad I didn't, the classic one is way more beautiful imo :tup:
  6. I agree with the others. Don't spend your money on something you don't want.

    Just be patient and you will surely find the black Bayswater!
  7. I would totally buy it. But I love the tooled more than the regular and I would rather have the Bays in chocolate.

    If you think that you will be happy with it then buy it. But if you know that you're still gonna be thinking of the black Bays, then I'll say - wait :yes:
  8. Wait until you find the bag you want. Don't be lured by sales/ offers.
  9. I would wait for the bag you really want. The tooled one will just be a compromise.
  10. ....why not get both? :nuts:
  11. Can't afford to buy both and I already have a big Coccinelle chocolate bag. I'll wait for the black one
  12. Please do wait for the black one! That's a classic and you'll never regret buying it. The tooled one (however nice) will always be "the second best" and frankly - is a "second best" worth that money?:nogood:
  13. Have you checked eBay.uk? There is always more Mulberry listed there than is on eBay.com. Try it:tup: