What should I do??? Buyer problem...

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  1. So I recently sold a purse on eBay that I thought was in very good used condition. I listed everything that I thought was wrong with the bag. We the buyer gets it and says that there is something else wrong with it (scratch on hardware) and she wants a partial refund. Well I honestly don't remember that being there. It could very well that maybe I overlooked that, so I asked the buyer for pictures of what she was talking about. She tells me that she has no way to get me pictures, and she is going to report me to eBay. I have never had any negative feedback, and don't want to...
    What should I do? Offer refund even though I didn't get proof of this? Or let her file a complaint against me?
    She seems to not to want to wait. I email her within an hr or so of her emailing me and she threatened to contact eBay right away without even getting a response from me.
    Let me know what you guys think. Thanks. :smile:
  2. i would ask does she have a mobile with camera. so you can have a picture of the problems, if the buyer will not take a picture. i would not give a partial refund. i had the same problem as you, i just informed my buyer if she was unhappy with the bag send back for a full refund minis the postage. in the end she started a snad and she resold on ebay while paypal was doing the snad, i won in the end.
    hope this helps.
  3. I would offer a full refund that is consistent with Paypal policy -- return for refund of bid price and original shipping.

    I hate buyers who want to re-negotiate the price after they receive the merchandise. Sometimes, it is easier and cheaper to give them what they want, but it still gripes me.
  4. I would not do a partial for a scratch on the hardware. Hardware scratches with use, so that is NOT grounds for one.
  5. Since the buyer is claiming scratches yet will not provide pictures makes me think that perhaps the buyer is regretting the price they paid and just trying to do anything to get some money back. Like others have said just tell them that you are sorry that the purse is not up to their standards and would gladly offer a refund if they send the item back. If she does open an ebay case just resond that you will refund the item when it is returned.
  6. tell her you'll issue the refund upon return of the bag you send and in exactly the same condition it was send to her...just to make sure it is your bag you are getting and she hasn't used it and damaged it.
  7. I would tell her to send it back and then she'll get a full refund. The fact that she 'can't' send you a pic sounds shady to me. I think she might want the bag and some $ back.
  8. If you were clear that the bag was used and showed signs of wear, and the buyer is saying that there is a slight scratch on the hardware, eBay *should* side with you if it comes to a case. It's pretty much up to you at this point. Personally, I'd take my chances with a case. But if you don't want to bother and would rather just get it over with, ask her to return the bag for a refund.
  9. You are a GREAT seller, and I think the buyer is just trying to get one over on you and get a discount on the bag. Tell her to provide pics or go away. :sad: Some people just suck.
  10. Ebay may ask her to provide photos of the scratch. If she says she can not provide them to you then she probably can not provide them to Ebay either. Sounds to me like she is looking for some of her money back. I would fight her on it for sure. Don't worry about your feedback rating. One negative will not stop others from buying from you. If she leaves one, just reply to it factually. Be sure to block her from bidding on any of your other items, too. Good luck!
  11. She has to provide photos if not, just offer a full refund. These kind of buyers may just give you headache later on.
  12. your pain in the a$$ buyer is just fishing for money. If the buyer cannot provide you with a photo then tell her to send it back.
  13. Buyers like that really pee me off.

    If you are buying a preowned bag you need to be aware that it will come with some evidence of use. If you want a MINT bag, then go to a shop.

    This buyer obviously is trying to get $ back. I agree with the others, if she can't give you photos, ask her to send it back minus shipping. I wouldn't budge and like Print*model says, if you reply to any negative feedback calmly and factually potential buyers won't be put off.
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    First of all, I think it depends how serious the scratch is.

    I agree that VERY minor, VERY light HW scratches are indicative of use of bags, in general - but anything more serious should be noted (and even very light scratches should, ideally, be noted, IMO), even if that is typical of what happens with use of that type of bag - as the buyer may well not be aware of that.

    All good sellers note all wear and damage - even that which typically occurs during use.

    For example, the older goldtone Chloe Paddington locks typically scratch and even chip, with wear, but a good seller will always mention this.

    If I were you, assuming I was, genuinely, unaware of any scratches and knew I had good eyesight and that I'd inspected the bag carefully, I would insist on pics to prove it existed, before agreeing to a partial. :yes:

    I doubt anyone would ever damage anything they wanted to keep, on purpose, so (assuming they hadn't had enough time to use it [or use it much!]!*) I would actually feel safer doing that than insisting on a return.

    If, however, I thought there could have been a scratch, or scratches, on the HW and I might have just missed them, as I simply didn't inspect it carefully before listing (you say that it could very well be that you overlooked it?), I'd be more inclined to agree to a small partial, without insisting on seeing pics, personally.

    I think it would also depend on what it sold for, to a certain extent - if it sold for a very good price (i.e. one more in line with a bag in better condition than I remembered it having been in), I'd also be more inclined to just agree to a partial, without bothering her for pics.

    This would be because the high ending price would prove to me that it was, almost certainly, my fault for not having listed it accurately.

    * Re. the 'Could she have used it and caused the scratch herself?' issue - if I were going to insist on pics and I had attached a non re attachable tag to the bag, I would be inclined to ask for a pic of that, as well, when I requested pics of the damage. :smile:
  15. I would insist on seeing pictures since this is A typical for buyers who are fishing for a better deal. Most of the times they are not telling the truth, and really don´t want to send the item back for a full refund should you offer that. Who in this day and age are not able to take a picture I ask??? Nobody!!!

    No pics=No partial refund IMO!!!