What should I buy with my giftcard to Spehora??

  1. I have only bought a couple things at Spehora... I usually buy make-up from Clarins. I have a $40 gift card to Sephora (I'm willing to spend more though) and I was just wondering what are your hidden treasures at Sephora?? I really want make-up ideas. I'm set on hair and body stuff.
    Thanks lovely ladies!!
  2. sephora carries clarins.
  3. I want to get something different and fun
  4. I have 2 gift cards that I'm saving.......here's what I want from them.....
    1. Benefit High Beam (eyebrow highlighter)
    2. Eyeshadow by Too faced (forgot the exact name of hue)
    3. Bottle of Clean Fresh Laundry (awesome perfume I share with hubby....)
    4. Bottle of Fresh Sugar (got a sample and LOVE the smell)
    5. Jar of Honey in a Jar Face Cream by L'occitane
    6. Tube of Shea Butter hand cream by L'occitane

    Looking at this list, I don't have enough on the gift cards!! LOL.....
  5. I'll have to check those out!! Thanks!!!!
  6. i just ordered blinc mascara after reading about them in this forum...talika (brand) is something else that sounded interesting...see their mascara lipocil product.
  7. I agree with the L'Occitane cream suggestions above, PLUS the L'Occitane Miel Cremeux (Creamy Honey) Lip Balm Pot, 5ml.....got that today and it's the best lip conditioner/balm/hint of gloss thing I've ever used. It took me so long to find a good lip conditioner for everyday use and I think I have. It's only $10 also which is a super plus, so I got 2. :yes: :heart:
  8. I love Benefit Bad gal lash for 19.00...and if you have brown eyes...they have it in a blue tint. It's good stuff.
    How about a new scent?
    If you have pale skin, the benefit dandelion is supposed to be fantastic as a blush or all over brightener.
    Some of the philosophy stuff is fun.
    Oh...I love the 'Clear Present'...which is a clear foundation that can be worn under foundation or by itself (I can't wear it by itself...)
    What fun!! I was just there two days ago. Am just getting into that place!
  9. I like a lot of things at Sephora, but one of my favorite things to have is Tarte Cheek Stain. The Sephora brand lipsticks are also good.
  10. I'm definitely going to check this out!!:p

    hahaha sorry im makeup mad.. get some makeup forever eyeshadows.. they are HOT and look great night or day
  12. I've splurged a couple of times in Sephora on Fresh sugar body scrub $60.00. There's so much to choose from in there. I heard that sephora shadow palette was awesome from the few posts I've read here. Maybe its not available anymore though. They have some great hair products there too. I love that store!
  13. definitely check out the Philosophy bath shampoo/body wash line. my favoritest scent in the world right now is Waffle Cone. your bathtime will never be funner.
  14. ^ Totally agree... check out the Philsophy stuff... it is great!!

    Also, I am addicted to Bare Minerals Eyeshadow & Nars blush... The little pots of Nars lip gloss are awesome as well...

    Tons of things to choose from there!! Hope you find a ton of stuff you love!!