What shoes to take to Paris in May?

  1. DH and I are taking our first trip to Paris in May. Everyone says to take comfortable shoes, that we'll be doing a lot of walking, but I wasn't sure what dressier shoes to bring for going out at night. The walking shoes I was planning to bring are a pair of very comfortable black loafers, but they're not very stylish. I welcome any and all suggestions; I want to look appropriate and chic, but be comfortable too.
  2. I like 1-2" height calf length boots. very chic.;)
  3. ONE WORD= FLATS!!!!!
    LOL...Jillybean and I did all of Paris in like 4 days..My feet still hurt..LOL..I used flat Prada boots the entire time......It was Nov...and cold then.Pack all flats...Except for dinners out(One pair of sexy heels!)...Your feet will thank you!
  4. I like 1-2" height calf length boots. very chic.;)
  5. flats or sneakers.. something comfortable like that,...
    and something dressy for dinner

    Places are far and there will be lots of walking and taking the subway/taxi's...
  6. Ballet shoes would look great! Otherwise, other comfortable flat shoes. I also think comfortable 1-2 inch heels will work and for the evenings, sexy heels!
  7. Find yourself some really cute ballet flats--with a pattern or a bright color, so they're not totally basic. Comfort is good for walking around all day--but don't forget something sexy for later :smile:
  8. I don't care what anyone says. You have to wear a pair of beautiful heels in Paris, I would suggest christian louboutin. For walking around- ballet flats would work great.
  9. I have my sexy heels all set, these: [​IMG] Cole Haan

    The only trouble with ballet flats for day is that I have yet to find a pair with enough cushioning and arch support for walking for several hours straight. Without the arch support, my feet get very tired, and the arthitis in my hip gets aggravated. So you don't think flat boots will be too wintery for May? Maybe I'll try to find a pair on sale before we go.
  10. Well... I agree with some of the ppl replying to this thread when they say comfortable.
    I was recently in Paris and I wore sneakers all the time and still I couldn't stand my feets at the end of the day. Okay... I'm a guy so heels would never be an option for me but my friend who went with me had the unfortunately idea of wearing heels (a pair of stilletos from Chanel) and I can only say that two hours after leaving the hotel she was buying a pair of flats 'cause she couldn't stand her feet.
    So, in conclusion, take flats for day - Ballet flats are a good option because they're comfortable and still styllish and a dressier pair of heels for dinner (especially if you're going to nice restaurants were heels are pratically mandatory).
    Hope this helps :smile:
  11. If you have problems with walking on heels against cobblestones, do the flats!!! Those cobblestones are very slippery and uneven... you will feel it in your heels even with a 1 to 2 inchers heels!
  12. One pair of comfortable shoes for the long day you will have flying to Paris................. and then buy lots of new ones :yahoo: from all the georgeous Parisian boutiques :roflmfao:
  13. I switched between trainers and silver birkenstocks when I was there in August. I only took one pair of heels for evenings
  14. My name says all...I would definitely bring some flats because theyre comfortable without looking too casual like sneakers. You have to bring a pair of heels to and maybe a cute pair of sandals.:yes: