What shall I choose for Spring???????

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  1. Hi , I want to get a new bag for S/S 08 ? Any thoughts ??? It's either Batignolles , large mono lockit or neverfull mm
  2. What else do you have in your collection? And do you need a arm carry or shoulder carry bag? Which Batignolles are you considering - Horizontal or Vertical?
  3. between the three, get a Batignolles (horizontal is my preference)
  4. I say Neverfull. It seems more like S/S to me! The Lockit seems too stiff for a carefree season!
  5. BH is a great all around bag, that and the Tivoli are my go to bags
  6. I only have the Palermo GM and mono pochette . I have a damier agenda and a pomme cles and awaiting the pomme cosmetic case . I would love a bag that doubles as a hand carry and shoulder if poss...
  7. I would go with the Neverfull - it's great for throwing things in when you're "on the go". It's a great bag!
  8. Have you considered the Tivoli?
    My vote of the 3----the Lockit.
  9. How about something in azur?
  10. Neverfull!! Its such a great carefree S/S bag!
  11. I like the Neverfull MM best out of those three!
  12. ^^ yup!
  13. i love my never full. plus, its going to be a great all around south florida bag. dinner, beach, yoga, its awsome for anything!
  14. Since you already have the Palermo GM, I'd suggest the BV ... or something in Damier Azur, very nice for Spring/Summer ~ the Saleya maybe?
  15. ITA!